[That Conference 2018] Lost in the Woods: Tackling Usability as a Non-UXer

30958b9299cfc3e606a1f2b559add92f?s=47 Rachel Krause
August 06, 2018

[That Conference 2018] Lost in the Woods: Tackling Usability as a Non-UXer

Users are expecting more from our applications than ever before. With the variety of technology at our fingertips, we're able to create robust interfaces that satisfy multiple business needs. But in our rush to cram all of our work into a release, are we sacrificing usability?

In this session, we'll discuss UX principles that will make your applications more user-friendly. In my years as a UX professional, I've run into the same problems over and over that have relatively easy fixes. We'll talk through real-life examples and you'll leave with a UX checklist covering multiple topics, including:

Designing for humans
Complex workflows
Maintaining consistency

And more!

Whether you're on a development team with little to no UX guidance, flying solo, or just want to develop a more user-centered mindset, you'll learn how easy it can be to create usable products.


Rachel Krause

August 06, 2018