Performance And Productivity

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December 24, 2020

Performance And Productivity

2020/12/10_Chrome Dev Summit 2020での、古川の講演資料になります



December 24, 2020


  1. Performance And Productivity Google Chrome Dev Summit 2020

  2. Twitter: @yosuke_furukawa GitHub: yosuke-furukawa

  3. We should keep the web app’s performance and developers' productivity

    high… But it’s NOT an easy thing
  4. "Premature optimization is the root of all evil." By Donald

  5. Hotpepper Beauty Cosme

  6. 3 tips to maintain performance and keeping productivity w/ AMP

  7. 1. Visual Regression Test Using Storybook & reg-suit

  8. Using Storybook to visually manage the components

  9. Checking visual degradation via CI

  10. 2. Keep the productivity by leveraging the modern ecosystem

  11. React and Next.js as the server side framework

  12. Next.js supports modern tools Easy to keep productivity and perf

  13. 3. Sharing knowledge with each other

  14. We have various developers. CSS Expert JavaScript beginner Server-side engineer

    Frontend expert
  15. Solution: No silver bullet. Teach each other e.g. pair/mob programming

  16. Suggestion: Share best practices. You are part of the ecosystem

    to help someone Next to you.
  17. Wrap up 1. Visual Regression Test 2. Keep the productivity

    by leveraging the modern ecosystem 3. Share knowledge each other
  18. MAU growth

  19. Thank you!!