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OpenShift Console - Customizing for the Developer

OpenShift Console - Customizing for the Developer

Join OpenShift's Developer Experience experts for our regularly scheduled program filled with cloud native, Kubernetes, and OpenShift tips and tricks for developers.

Today we'll be kicking off the OCP4 Console Customization Competition.

Red Hat Livestreaming

October 13, 2020

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  1. 3 Console logo Check out this blog: OpenShift 4 Pro

    Tip: Custom Branding Customize console logo oc create configmap console-custom-logo --from-file=/Users/serenadoyle/Desktop/OpenShift.tv/kube.png -n openshift-config ----- apiVersion: operator.openshift.io/v1 kind: Console metadata: name: cluster spec: customization: customProductName: MyProduct customLogoFile: name: console-custom-logo key: kube.png ----- oc apply -f <filename>
  2. 4 Helm Chart Repostority In 4.6, you can add additional

    Helm Chart Repositories easily via CRs You can remove the “default repo” : redhat-helm-repo In the future, when you remove all HelmChartRepository CRs, we will disable the ability to create Helm Charts from the console Add a new Helm Chart Repository to your cluster apiVersion: helm.openshift.io/v1beta1 kind: HelmChartRepository metadata: name: azure-sample-repo spec: name: azure-sample-repo connectionConfig: url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azure-Samples/helm-charts /master/docs ----- oc apply -f <filename>
  3. 5 Builder Images This method will remove that builder image

    from three (3) areas in the console: Samples, Import from Git & Builder Images in the Dev Catalog Remove an existing Builder Image from the console Remove “builder” from tags of the ImageStream in the openshift namespace that you want to “remove”
  4. 6 Operator Backed Services Example: Red Hat Integration - AMQ

    Streams Install operators to expose operator backed services in the Developer Catalog Notes: - In 4.6 a new pattern has been added to help you understand when the Operator has been successfully installed - Once the Operator has been installed, you can go to the Developer Catalog to see what’s now available in the developer catalog
  5. 8 Developer Perspective Navigation The third section is a customizable

    area where you can add your most frequently used resources for quick access. Check out this blog: Improved navigation in the OpenShift 4.5 Developer perspective Users can customize their own navigation in the Developer Perspective
  6. 10 Developer Catalog - Catalogs Post 4.6 we are looking

    at a mechanism to allow the admin to manage categories in the Developer Catalog FUTURE - Customize categories in the Developer Catalog
  7. 11 Project Access Post 4.6 we are looking at a

    mechanism to allow custom roles to be displayed in the Role dropdown in the Project Access page FUTURE - Customize rolls available in the Role dropdown in Project Access
  8. 12 Quick Starts Learn more about Quick Starts here FUTURE

    - Create your own Quick Starts A quick start is like a guided tutorial that walks users through a set of tasks to achieve a particular goal. In 4.6 we have introduced the Quick Start pattern. In 4.7 we will be providing a Quick Start CR so that Operators and Admins can provide their own Quick Starts. This design pattern is a perfect way to onboard users, help ensure best practices for applications, etc
  9. V0000000 13 Register today! http://bit.ly/ocp4-console-competition-registration Emails will be sent to

    registrants including details of the competition. The first 20 participants to register will receive a t-shirt, as long as they submit their entry by 11/30. Submit your entry by 11/30 Join us on openshift.tv to VOTE & see the winners! 3 winners will be selected. Winners will receive a COOL OpenShift hoodie OCP4 Console Customization Competition 13-Oct-2020 30-Nov-2020 01-Dec-2020 Public competition to showcase the best OpenShift web console customizations, using supported OpenShift 4 mechanisms.
  10. linkedin.com/company/red-hat youtube.com/user/RedHatVideos facebook.com/redhatinc twitter.com/RedHat 14 Red Hat is the world’s

    leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions. Award-winning support, training, and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted adviser to the Fortune 500. Thank you