Innovative Renewable Energy Procurement Models

Innovative Renewable Energy Procurement Models

Utilities across the electricity sector are engaging in innovative clean energy purchasing models in order to meet increasing customer demand. What are some examples of these innovative models and how do they work? In what context are these models successful? What are some best practices regarding marketing and implementation? Join representatives from Puget Sound Energy, WGL Energy, and CRS for the first in a series of interactive webinars to explore the options. Participants will learn how:

• energy companies are developing new products to expand options for customers
• offsite solutions are fulfilling customer demands for solar
• utilities are educating customers on renewable energy purchasing options

• Robin Cunningham, Green Products Specialist, WGL Energy
• Heather Mulligan, Market Manager, Puget Sound Energy
• Michael Leschke, Green-e Verification Manager and Senior Analyst, CRS