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Sewn with Ariadne's thread: Visualizations for Wearable & Ubiquitous Computing

Sewn with Ariadne's thread: Visualizations for Wearable & Ubiquitous Computing

Short presentation of a short story, set in 2045, talking about Lance, a femto-technology researcher and his wearable Alicia. Presented in Death Of the Desktop Workshop, IEEE Visualization Conference 2014, Paris, France

Panagiotis D. Ritsos

November 09, 2014

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    Panagiotis D. Ritsos1, Joseph W. Mearman1, Andrew Vande Moere2 and Jonathan C. Roberts1 [1] Bangor University, UK [2] KU Leuven, Belgium DEATH OF THE DESKTOP WORKSHOP – IEEE CONFERENCE ON VISUALIZATION (VIS) 2014, PARIS, FRANCE
  2. It’s the year 2045… Wearables work in synergy with devices

    embedded in our environment Smart textiles assume the texture and appearance of any material Miniaturized projection-based displays allow the construction of focus-sensing VRDs Thermal scanners and camera-vision systems make every surface interactive Wearable kinaesthetic and affective sensors read our movements and our emotions Handheld devices use flexible displays and can `cast’ content on to the environment  
  3. Visualization in 2045… Mixed and Augmented Reality display systems enable

    us to visualize complex datasets in new ways Depth-sensing cameras register computer generated objects and visualizations seamlessly in our surroundings Visualizations can be ‘cast’ on our environment, or on complementary devices Body-worn sensory modalities collect data constantly, about our daily activities AI-driven Brain Machine Interfaces collect and classify our thoughts and dreams