Portable Material: Flutter physical models 1.1

Portable Material: Flutter physical models 1.1

One of the most interesting new technologies to reach the mainstream eye in 2017 is undoubtedly Flutter, a novel cross-platform framework from Google that targets Android, iOS and the oh-so-elusive Fuchsia OS.

Whether you’ve heard of Flutter or not, you will be fascinated by the intriguing design that lurks under the Surface. We’ll dive in to how exactly your Flutter widgets get drawn on screen, from your code all the way down to Skia. Did you know that the UI toolkit in Flutter is based on physical models, and that Material is just one of those? Or that in Flutter the Material and Cupertino (iOS) toolkits share a common heritage in their roots?


Presented with Eugenio Marletti at Android Makers 2018, Paris.


— PDF copy and Keynote source available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jtkl8a2lv3vwxdb/AAC5ADc5HDUJ7RDHzin5ODGya?dl=0


Sebastiano Poggi

April 24, 2018