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Don't Use NoSQL

Don't Use NoSQL

Mathias Meyer

January 12, 2012

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  1. “Doesn’t matter what kind of tool it is, at least

    one developer will eventually use it as a queue.” Me, 2012
  2. “Doesn’t matter what kind of database it is, at least

    one developer will eventually use it as a cache.” Me, 2012-01-11
  3. PostgreSQL hstore create table herokaih (id serial primary key, attr

    hstore); create index attr_idx on herokaih using gist (attr); insert into herokaih (attr) values (hstore(ARRAY['name', 'Dylan Egan'])); select attr -> 'language' from herokaih where attr @>'name=>Dylan';
  4. PostgreSQL XML create table herukai (id serial primary key, data

    xml); insert into herukai (data) values ('<herukai><name>Dylan Egan</name><tags><tag>heroku</tag></tags></ herukai>'); select xpath('//herukai/name/text()', data) from herukai; SELECT * from herukai where (xpath('//herukai/name/text()', data)) [1]::text = 'Dylan Egan'::text;
  5. PostgreSQL Arrays create table herokail (id serial primary key, tags

    text[], name varchar(200)); insert into herokail (name, tags) values ('Dylan Egan', ARRAY['meat']); update herokail set tags = array_append(tags, 'beer') where name = 'Dylan Egan'; select name from herokail where tags @> ARRAY['beer'];