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metrics, monitoring, logging

metrics, monitoring, logging

Site: http://paperplanes.de
Travis CI: http://travis-ci.org
Riak Handbook: http://riakhandbook.com
Pingdom: http://pingdom.com
Nagios: http://nagios.org
Sensu: http://www.sonian.com/cloud-monitoring-sensu/
Sheriff: https://github.com/dawanda/sheriff
Monit: http://mmonit.com/monit/
Bluepill: https://github.com/arya/bluepill
Runit: http://smarden.org/runit/
Munin: http://munin-monitoring.org/
Ganglia: http://ganglia.info/
Graphite: http://graphite.wikidot.com
GDash: https://github.com/ripienaar/gdash
Graphiti: https://github.com/paperlesspost/graphiti
Tasseo: https://github.com/obfuscurity/tasseo
Cube: http://square.github.com/cube/
Cubism: http://square.github.com/cubism/
NewRelic: http://newrelic.com
Scout: http://scoutapp.com
Server Density: http://serverdensity.com
Boundary: http://boundary.com
Librato Metrics: http://metrics.librato.com
Riemann: http://aphyr.github.com/riemann/
StatsD: https://github.com/etsy/statsd
Metriks: https://github.com/eric/metriks
Logstash: http://logstash.net/
Graylog: http://graylog2.org/
Loggly: http://loggly.com
Papertrail: https://papertrailapp.com/
Metriks Log Webhook: https://github.com/eric/metriks_log_webhook
Lograge: https://github.com/mattmatt/lograge

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Mathias Meyer

May 04, 2012

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  1. check process unicorn with pidfile /var/run/unicorn/unicorn.pid start program = "/etc/init.d/unicorn

    start" stop program = "/etc/init.d/unicorn stop" if mem is greater than 300.0 MB for 1 cycles then restart if cpu is greater than 50% for 2 cycles then alert if cpu is greater than 80% for 3 cycles then restart group unicorn http://mmonit.com/monit/
  2. Bluepill.application("unicorn") do |app| app.working_dir = "/var/www/app/current" app.process("unicorn") do |process| process.start_command

    = "/etc/init.d/unicorn start" process.stop_command = "kill -QUIT {{PID}}" process.restart_command = "kill -USR2 {{PID}}" process.stdout = process.stderr = "/var/www/app/current/log/unicorn.log" process.pid_file = "/var/run/unicorn/unicorn.pid" process.checks :mem_usage, :every => 10.seconds, :below => 300.megabytes, :times => [3, 5] process.start_grace_time = 10.seconds process.start_grace_time = 10.seconds process.restart_grace_time = 10.seconds process.checks :flapping, :times => 2, :within => 30.seconds, :retry_in => 7.seconds process.monitor_children do |cp| cp.checks :mem_usage, :every => 10, :below => 400.megabytes, :times => [3, 5] process.checks :cpu_usage, :every => 10.seconds, :below => 50, :times => 5 cp.stop_command = "kill -QUIT {{PID}}" end end end https://github.com/arya/bluepill
  3. number of open database connections number of redis commands number

    of 500 errors rate of HTTP requests number of HTTP connections median response time
  4. number of failed resque jobs number of twitter followers 99th

    percentile github api response time 95th percentile mysql query time deployments