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Starting from scratch: how to define your sales philosophy and build a coaching culture

Starting from scratch: how to define your sales philosophy and build a coaching culture

Dave Nel, Head of Sales Enablement, Investec
Sales Enablement Festival 2020

Sales Enablement Collective

January 27, 2021

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  1. On the menu for today 1. Why coaching 2. Why

    defining your sales philosophy is so important? 3. Steps to building a culture of coaching 4. An implementation plan for coaching
  2. The case for coaching Businesses with a strong coaching culture

    significantly outperform those without – CSO Insights
  3. 4 foundational Steps Step 1 1 There has been a

    trigger, understand the trigger Ask the following questions: • What will success look like in the next 6-12 months? • What is the shift in revenue you are looking to achieve? • What other financial rations are important and how do you see these ratios changing? For example Cost to Income, ROE or ROI ?
  4. Step 2 2 Define your sales philosophy (The way in

    which you win) Ask the following questions: • What is selling like here? • What methodology, if any do you follow when it comes to selling? Leadership collaboration is key!
  5. Step 3 3 Build the support elements for your sales

    philosophy Ask the following questions: • What sales process/ methodology will support your sales philosophy? • What are the skills needed for our salespeople in order to live our sales philosophy ? • When we do a gap analysis based on these skills where is our biggest opportunity ? • What sales training can we put into support/ enable our sales philosophy? • What is the current state/ competency of sales leaders in the business?
  6. Step 4 4 Find the coaching methodology the works for

    your organizational culture Ask the following questions: • How do people currently learn from each other in the business ? • What are the gaps that you have found in your leaders coaching ability and how could a coaching framework help here ? • Is it clear to your leaders, what must I coach, How must I coach it, Why must I coach it? • Have you linked the coaching methodology back to sales? • How will they learn this coaching methodology?
  7. I Know, I Care, I can Miller Heiman I know:

    • Are you leaders clear, committed and aligned to the direction you are wanting to take? • Do they know why coaching is so important? • Do they know what their role is? • Have they got a clear communication plan for their teams?
  8. I Know, I Care, I can Miller Heiman I care:

    • Do they understand it ? • Do they feel committed ? • Can they describe how they fit in? • Did you involve them in the planning? • Have they observed leadership behaviour?
  9. I Know, I Care, I can Miller Heiman I can:

    • Do people have the skills? • Have they been given the tools? • Are they being coached and reinforced? • Are the measurements clear?