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Intro to Parquet (June 2015)

Intro to Parquet (June 2015)

Sam Bessalah

April 06, 2016

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  1. Binary, columnar storage format for big data analytics workloads, inspired

    by the Google Dremel Paper. - Language independent - Processing framework independent - Formally specified - More than a columnar storage : Dynamic partionning, automatic predicate and projections push down - Awesome performance
  2. Columnar Storage 101 Advantages : - Limits I/O to the

    data only needed - Big Space savings, better compression, and faster and low overhead encodings - Enables vectorized engine
  3. Definition and Repetition Levels Definition Level : Stores the level

    for which the field is null Repetition Level : Store levels when new lists are starting in column values.
  4. Numbers Example: Appnexus 2 MM Logs of Ads impressions 270

    TB of Log Data in Protobuf on HDFS http://techblog.appnexus.com/blog/2015/03/31/parquet-columnar-storage-for-hadoop-data/