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Intel @ Google Cloud FSI Lighthouse event

Intel @ Google Cloud FSI Lighthouse event

Lee Boonstra

October 16, 2017

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  1. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Intel Financial services Solutions outlook

    Google Lighthouse Event 2017 Amsterdam, Oct 13th STIJN DERACHE Account EXECUTIVE Financial Services Intel Corporation
  2. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation In the next 30 minutes…..

    IntRO, Market trends, Observations Horizon 2018: 6 Pillars to Deliver Transformative Outcomes Horizon 2030: Long term outlook
  3. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Dr. Robert Noyce Intel Co-founder

    “Until now we have been going the other way, that is in order to understand the brain, we have used the computer as a model for it. Perhaps it is time to reverse this reasoning to understand where we should go with the computer, we should look to the brain for some clues”. IEEE Centenary - 1984 Intel’s Legacy in Artificial Intelligence
  4. Cloud & DATA Center Things & Devices MEMORY FPGA INTEL

    IS EVOLVING We expand the boundaries of technology to make the most amazing experiences of the future possible through our customers. We’re moving toward a world where the boundary between digital and physical is eroding, computing is truly mobile and ubiquitous, and everything is smart and connected.
  5. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Intel & Google Better Together

    SHARED VISION – enterprise cloud that is innovative, open, and optimized 5 Innovation that enables customer leadership Intel® Xeon® processor codenamed “Skylake” now available on Google Cloud Platform Open source solutions that provide customers with choice and agility Kubernetes and TensorFlow optimized on Intel Optimized Edge-to-Cloud solutions on Google Cloud Platform 3D Image Capture, Logistics and Agriculture use cases INNOVATION OPEN OPTIMIZED
  6. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation “at our forecasted churn rate,

    about half of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years” 1 1. Innosight (source)
  7. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation FROM ME, TO Co-CREATION EXPERIENCE

  8. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation The Boards top of mind…

    Which one will you be?… The disrupted or the disruptor? listening to The top Global Financial Services, top Industry analyst firms and leading FinTech hubs
  9. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Innovation–Agility -Transformation “Lines of Business

    will not be able to innovate and get a competitive edge if they still run their operations on legacy and inflexible infrastructures”. Mike Blalock – General Manager Financial Services Industry Group - Intel Corp.
  10. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Providing newcustomer experiences “Is that

    a Coffee Shop or is that a Bank?” “Let me rephrase... is that a Bank and a Coffee Shop? Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
  11. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation IT Strategies blind spot… planning

    for disruption “What is the time horizon of your IT strategy?” “Are you planning beyond the traditional 24-36 months?”
  12. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation From SMAC Enabling the Digital

    Platform… Social Mobile Analytics Cloud
  13. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation The Digital Financial Services Connected

    Experience Insights Driven On-Demand Smart World Trusted + + + + Innovative Workforce + To Delivering Transformative BUSINESS Outcomes
  14. The Coming Flood of Data 1.5 GB of traffic /

    Day 750 pBof video / Day 5 TB of data / Day 1 PB of Data / Day 4 TB of data / Day* Autonomous vehicles CONNECTED AIRPLANE Smart Factory Avg. internet user Cloud video Providers By 2020 *Estimate based on the average vehicle being operated 1-2 hours per day Source: Amalgamation of analyst data and Intel analysis.
  15. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation the Robot Advisor Artificial Intelligence

    Internet of Things Distributed computing Fintech what next? Research & Development, Incubation, new paradigms
  16. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Machine intelligence…. Accelerators Bigger data

    Better hardware Smarter Algorithms Perception Detect and recognize patterns in audio, video, tactile, ambient data Cognition Organize data patterns into meaningful structures Decision Recommend action based on meaningful structures in data Action Act upon the environment and respond to real world stimulus
  17. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation MACHINE/DEEP LEARNING REASONING SYSTEMS TOOLS

    & STANDARDS COMPUTER VISION Programmable solutions Depth sensing Things & devices Cloud DATA Center ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE…. Accelerating with intel
  18. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation REASONING SYSTEMS Improved prediction accuracy

    Transparency and ability to explain results Unifies and federates multiple data sources No need for domain specific models nor training Learns faster with less data Compliance  Compliance Monitoring  Fraud Detection  Anti-Money Laundering Customer Acquisition  Customer Acquisition  Sales Optimization Customer Management  Customer Feedback Analytics  Customer Knowledge Analytics  Margin Expansion Market Prediction  Trading Analytics  Equity / Capital Market Prediction  Currency / Commodity Prediction Process Optimization  Analytics Optimization  Claims Optimization  Document Processing Risk Management  Insurance Risk Analytics  Credit Risk Analytics  Contract Risk Analytics
  19. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Where Saffron Has Made a

    Difference Customer Challenge Goal to Increase Revenue per member and Reduce Churn with better product recommendations  5 product levels  1,353 products  12 million members Results with Saffron Relevant individualized product recommendations  50% improvement from previous machine learning recommendations  76% accuracy – validated that customers accepted Saffron product recommendations Customer Personalization
  20. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation How these changes will impact

    financial services? End to End Distributed Computing Natural Interaction with Technology Trust Reach a Tipping Point Intelligent Machines Earn Control
  21. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation When The bank becomes A

    PLATFORM When the bank becomes a Market Place, offering a full range of transactional services, FSI compliance, capital financing and loans. Competition, Collaboration or Coopetition with the current digital market places and social media giants? Will infrastructure need to be open source, modular and based on open standards?
  22. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation When The bank become A

    lifestyle company Financial Services are integrated into all aspects of daily life, with new benefits to customers across all services to improve their lifestyle. Banks know their customers better than anybody else and make full usage of the data, monetized or not… Derived data has become a new asset class…
  23. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation When real time KYC edges

    100% accuracy When Systems between Financial, Telecommunications and Governments Services become federated. When Real-time sharing of information could enable a new level of trust and new services? What data architecture will be required to enable the Secure sharing of Digital ID?
  24. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation When Capital markets are reinvented

    The democratization of data eliminates information asymmetry. Risk ratios turn upside down when machines learn to think with intelligence at the edge and sensors are everywhere. The advance in Internet of Things, science and machine intelligence drive a new paradigm shift…
  25. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Closing thoughts: Horizons 1 2

    3… a closed loop! Horizon 2018: Enabling the Digital Financial Services Intel’s 6 Pillars: Deliver Transformative Business Outcomes Horizon 2022: Disruptive Technologies The Next Paradigm Shift: Get Started Now! Horizon 2030: Your Long Term Outlook Today’s Decisions are Enabling 2030 Financial Services Google and Intel Corporation A Long Term Collaboration to Support You Globally
  26. Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation Legal Notices Intel technologies’ features

    and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No computer system can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at intel.com. Intel, the Intel logo, Intel. Experience What’s Inside, the Intel. Experience What’s Inside logo and Intel RealSense are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. © 2017 Intel Corporation