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Google Web Apps

Google Web Apps

Part of the "Cross Media Communication and Production" course I gave at the SAE Amsterdam in 2012

Sidney de Koning

October 14, 2012

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  1. SAE INSTITUTE, 15 October, Sidney De Koning Google Web apps

    Cross Media Communication & Production
  2. Sidney de Koning ✤ Love coding, psychology and food ✤

    Blogger: O’Reilly, FITC, FFDM, Funky Monkey, Culinerd ✤ Writer: Automating Actionscript Projects. ✤ Teacher: SAE - Programming ✤ Business owner - Mobile: Mannetje de Koning / App Couture ✤ www.funky-monkey.nl ✤ www.mannetjedekoning.nl
  3. Google Drive ✤ Introducing Drive ✤ Enabling Drive ✤ Exploring

    (Drive / Interface) ✤ Creating ✤ Sorting, searching, organizing and syncing ✤ Uploading ✤ Sharing
  4. Creating files ✤ Creating and Formatting Spreadsheets ✤ Creating, Formatting

    and Publishing Presentations ✤ Creating and Formatting Forms ✤ Creating a new form ✤ Collecting and analyzing form responses
  5. Sorting, searching, organizing and syncing ✤ Sorting and filtering files

    in Drive ✤ Searching Google Drive ✤ Organizing Files with Folders ✤ Creating and color coding folders ✤ Moving files between folders ✤ Sharing folders ✤ Creating subfolders ✤ Syncing Files ✤ Installing Google Drive on a desktop ✤ Syncing files between Drive and a desktop ✤ Accessing Google Drive files offline ✤ Syncing files
  6. Uploading & Exporting files ✤ Uploading files to Google Drive

    manually ✤ Converting files to the Google Doc format ✤ Exporting and downloading files from Google Drive ✤ Creating and Formatting Documents ✤ Creating and naming a new document ✤ Formatting text ✤ Inserting images, links, and media
  7. Collaboration (real-time) / Sharing ✤ Sharing docs with editors and

    viewers ✤ Sharing docs with a large group or an entire domain ✤ Changing sharing permission settings ✤ Sending messages to collaborators ✤ Simultaneous Collaboration, Comments, and Revisions ✤ Editing with others simultaneously in Google Docs ✤ Adding and responding to comments