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UX Basics

Sidney de Koning
February 21, 2013

UX Basics

Sidney de Koning

February 21, 2013

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  1. SAE INSTITUTE, February 2013, Sidney De Koning UX - User

    Experience Cross Media Communication & Production donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  2. Sidney de Koning ✤ Love coding and cooking ✤ Blogger:

    O’Reilly, FITC, Adobe, Funky Monkey, Culinerd ✤ Writer: Automating Actionscript Projects. ✤ Business owner - Mobile: Mannetje de Koning / Appcouture ✤ www.funky-monkey.nl ✤ www.culinerd.nl ✤ www.mannetjedekoning.nl donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  3. Course Overview ✤ What is UX and why is it

    important? ✤ Personas ✤ Scenarios ✤ Ask questions and rethink you own browsing. donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  4. What is UX? ✤ UX is short for user experience.

    ✤ User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  5. What is UX? ✤ Useful - Define innovative solutions that

    are more useful ✤ Usable - Think about ease of use ✤ Desirable - Image, identity, brand, and other elements of emotional design ✤ Findable - Locatable and navigable websites (www.findability.org) ✤ Accessible - Accessibility for people with disabilities (> 10% of the population) WWW Consortium (w3.org), drempelvrij.nl ✤ Credible - Design elements that influence whether users trust and believe what we tell them ✤ Valuable - Deliver value to the client donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  6. Where is UX used? ✤ Web ✤ Software ✤ Products

    ✤ Services ✤ Multichannel experiences donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  7. What is UX? Design is a language for more complex

    than words donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  8. What is UX? Interaction patterns are standard solutions for often

    occurring problems in the users interface. donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  9. What is UX? Interaction patterns - links http://developer.yahoo.com/ypatterns http://ui-patterns.com/ http://time-tripper.com/uipatterns

    http://inspired-ui.com http://pttrns.com/ http://www.mobile-patterns.com/ donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  10. ✤ The people and pictures can be fictional but the

    details should be factual. What do they do? And for how long? How do they live? And where? What do they eat? And why? ✤ Why personas? Defining a specific user's goals and needs Giving teams a focus with a common understanding Personas donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  11. ✤ Bob is 52 years old and works as a

    mechanic with an organization offering road service to customers when their car breaks down. He has worked in the job for the past 12 years and knows it well. Many of the younger mechanics ask Bob for advice when they meet up in the depot as he always knows the answer to tricky mechanical problems. Bob likes sharing his knowledge with the younger guys, as it makes him feel a valued part of the team. ✤ Bob wonders if he will be able to cope with the new computer system. He doesn’t mind asking his grandchildren for help when he wants to send an email to his brother overseas, but asking the guys at work for help is another story. Personas - Example donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  12. ✤ Write an engaging scenario, with style “When you got

    home from work you found the fire department at your home and your house in ashes. You are in shock. You need to contact your insurance company and what you should do now and also find out if they can arrange for a place for you to stay while you get this disaster sorted out. is more engaging than: “You are trying to figure out how to file a claim on your insurance policy.” Scenarios - Tips donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  13. ✤ Examples: “I want users to be able to easily

    use the information on my site to plan a road trip around the Southwest. My scenario: Parents of 2 pre-teens want to take a road trip around Colorado and Utah. They want to start in Denver, stop at archaeology sites, go on hikes, and find nearby camping or hotels. They find my site by doing a search on Google for ‘visiting Anasazi ruins by car.’" “I have an online jewelry store. We put our URL in our newspaper ads and most people get to us by typing the address. A shopper should be able to compare rings in a particular price range ($500 to $1000, for example), get answers to questions (can I pick the gemstone, for example), pick one, and buy it online.” Scenarios - Tips donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  14. ✤ Begin with the low hanging fruit - easy questions

    first - What is your general impression on this site? - What is the site about? - How long does it take before you understand what the site is about? Scenarios - Tips donderdag 21 februari 13 Week
  15. ✤ Don’t ‘lead the witness’ Write the task as “find

    the right electric drill that will meet your needs” rather than “Click the link that says hardware. Then click on power tools. Then pick an electric drill.” Scenarios - Tips donderdag 21 februari 13 Week