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The story of Charles. How we met and fell in love

The story of Charles. How we met and fell in love

An overview and demo session about Charles debugging Proxy (http://www.charlesproxy.com/). How does it work, what are the most common used features and how to use it in everyday development life. Gave this lightning talk at M2Mobi in November of 2013

Sidney de Koning

May 01, 2014

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  1. The story of Charles How we met and fell in

    love. Sidney de Koning M2Mobi, November 2013
  2. Charles Who?

  3. Meet, Charles Proxy

  4. Proxy for SSL traffic. He is a...

  5. Inspect your (own) data Proxy for SSL traffic?

  6. Proxy demo.

  7. Breakpoints He can handle...

  8. Stop. Check. Adjust. Move on. Breakpoints?

  9. Breakpoint demo.

  10. Throttling support. He has..

  11. Emulate different connection speed i.e. a old modem, 4G on

    a 3G phone Throttling support?
  12. Throttling demo.

  13. He can… Repeat actions. He can... Repeat actions. He can…

    Repeat actions. So you dont have to.
  14. Repeat actions?

  15. Repeat actions demo

  16. Thank you! Any questions?