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Interactive Paper as a Reading Medium in Digital Libraries

Beat Signer
September 16, 2008

Interactive Paper as a Reading Medium in Digital Libraries

Presentation given at ECDL 2008, 12th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, Aarhus, Denmark.

ABSTRACT: In digital libraries, much of the reading activity is still done on printed copies of documents. We show how digital pen and paper technologies can be used to support readers by automatically creating interactive paper versions of digital documents during the printing process that enable users to activate embedded hyperlinks to other documents and services from printed versions. The approach uses a special printer driver that allows information about hyperlinks to be extracted and stored at print time. Users can then activate hyperlinks in the printed document with a digital pen.

Research paper: https://beatsigner.com/publications/interactive-paper-as-a-reading-medium-in-digital-libraries.pdf

Beat Signer

September 16, 2008

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  1. ECDL 2008, September 16 Interactive Paper as a Reading Medium

    in Digital Libraries Moira C. Norrie, Beat Signer and Nadir Weibel Institute for Information Systems, ETH Zurich 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
  2. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Digital Pen and

    Paper ▪ Pattern license and camera technology offered by Anoto ▪ virtual paper space of 60 million km2 ▪ Pen manufacturers ▪ Nokia ▪ Maxell ▪ Adapx ▪ Livescribe
  3. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Interactive Paper Areas

    Linking active areas to resources image video clip
  4. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] PaperWeb ▪ Print

    arbitrary web pages with special printer driver ▪ Browse the Web on paper (interactive hyperlinks) ▪ Automatic link authoring
  5. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Hyperlink Highlighter ▪

    Operations on DOM tree ▪ search for <a href> and <area> elements ▪ create <div> elements for bounding box and link target
  6. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Hyperlink Analyser <Glyphs

    Fill="#ff000000" FontRenderingEmSize="4.32017" FontUri="/Documents/1/ Resources/Fonts/083FE3E4- 4F2E-85D9-B082CEBD45E.odttf" StyleSimulations="None" OriginX="54.08" OriginY="105.92" Indices="40;55;43;3;61;88; 85;76;70;75" UnicodeString="ETH Zurich"/> <Glyphs Fill="#ffFFFFFF" FontUri="/Documents/1/Resources/ Fonts/06465132-FEA1-401B-92DF- F7C4CAF0B03A.odttf" FontRenderingEmSize="1.28" StyleSimulations="None" OriginX="57.92" OriginY="138.56" Indices="76,63;71,50;82,50;70,50; 53,50;72,50;86,62;29,50;75,50; 87,50;87,50;83,50;29,63;18,50; 18,50;90,100;90,112;90,100;17,50; 72,50;87,50;75;93,49;17,50;70,50; 75,50;18,50;76,63;81,50;71,50; 72,50;91,50;66,50;40,62;49" UnicodeString="idocRes: http://www.ethz.ch/index_EN"/> <Path Fill="#ffFFFFFF" Data="F1 M 54.08, 101.6 L 78.08, 101.6 78.08, 106.72 54.08, 106.72 z"/>
  7. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Query by Sketching

    (QbS) ▪ Paper-based image retrieval interface ▪ Initial prototype developed as part of DELOS ▪ Project partners ▪ University of Basel (Prof. Heiko Schuldt) ▪ GlobIS group, ETH Zurich
  8. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Conclusions ▪ Automatic

    integration of paper documents with digital information and services ▪ Extensible infrastructure ▪ iServer plug-ins ▪ iPublish and iDoc plug-ins ▪ Future challenges ▪ distributed global architecture (e.g. pattern space management, document mappings)
  9. ECDL 2008, September 16 Beat Signer, [email protected] Further Information ▪

    http://www.ipaper.inf.ethz.ch ▪ Fundamental Concepts for Interactive Paper and Cross-Media Information Spaces, Beat Signer, ISBN 978-3-8370-2713-6, May 2008 Prof. Moira Norrie Dr. Beat Signer Nadir Weibel Adriana Ispas