Reorgs Happen

2f23f9df2886a47631719f9dc6d7156c?s=47 Camille Fournier
December 01, 2015

Reorgs Happen

Slides from NYC CTO Summit, Fall 2015


Camille Fournier

December 01, 2015


  1. Reorgs Happen Dealing Elegantly with Organizational Change! ! Camille Fournier

  2. Reorgs

  3. In less than 4 years, I experienced* 3 significant reorgs!

  4. Successful Companies Change As Needed!

  5. As a Leader, How Can You Deal?


  7. Vision: Why Are We Doing This?! Lacking Vision, we have

  8. Skills: Do We Know How To Do What Needs To

    Be Done?! Without Skills, You have Anxiety
  9. Incentives: Why Should People Play Along?! Without Incentives, you get

  10. Resources: Do we have the time, energy, people to make

    this work?! Without Resources, we have Frustration
  11. Action Plan: How will we go about doing this?! Without

    an Action Plan, we have False Starts


  14. Understand and focus the Vision

  15. Communicate the vision to your organization!

  16. Advocate for the needs of your team!

  17. Push Back on unrealistic expectations!

  18. Create a Plan with Realistic Goals

  19. Let Go

  20. Case Study 1: The Straightforward and Simple!

  21. Why are we doing this?! Element: Vision

  22. Causes for Reorg   Ineffective communication structures!   Removing a

    product or focus area!   Adding a new product or focus area!   Change in team size or makeup!
  23. Clear Communication Solves Many Evils!! Even when they’re on board,

    explaining the goals is key ! ! It is your job as the leadership to run this communication, having it trickle- down through management is usually a fail ! It Is ! ! ! ! ! ! Element: Skills
  24. Case Study 2: A business-wide focus!

  25. Advocate for your Team Make sure they have leadership roles

    and growth opportunities! Element: Incentives
  26. Set reasonable expectations based on capacity! If you don’t have

    enough people for a team, say so! Element: Resources
  27. Case Study 3: The never-ending planning!

  28. A good plan requires setting clear goals Teams given the

    same goal will have turf wars Element: Action Plan
  29. None
  30. Let Go The only constant is change

  31. You don’t have to do this alone

  32. Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan

    = SUCCESS!
  33. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

  34. Thanks! @skamille