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Reorgs Happen

Reorgs Happen

Slides from NYC CTO Summit, Fall 2015

Camille Fournier

December 01, 2015

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  1. Reorgs Happen Dealing Elegantly with Organizational Change! ! Camille Fournier

  2. Reorgs

  3. In less than 4 years, I experienced* 3 significant reorgs!

  4. Successful Companies Change As Needed!

  5. As a Leader, How Can You Deal?

  6. http://intenseminimalism.com/2015/a-framework-for-thinking-about-systems-change/!

  7. Vision: Why Are We Doing This?! Lacking Vision, we have

  8. Skills: Do We Know How To Do What Needs To

    Be Done?! Without Skills, You have Anxiety
  9. Incentives: Why Should People Play Along?! Without Incentives, you get

  10. Resources: Do we have the time, energy, people to make

    this work?! Without Resources, we have Frustration
  11. Action Plan: How will we go about doing this?! Without

    an Action Plan, we have False Starts
  12. http://intenseminimalism.com/2015/a-framework-for-thinking-about-systems-change/!


  14. Understand and focus the Vision

  15. Communicate the vision to your organization!

  16. Advocate for the needs of your team!

  17. Push Back on unrealistic expectations!

  18. Create a Plan with Realistic Goals

  19. Let Go

  20. Case Study 1: The Straightforward and Simple!

  21. Why are we doing this?! Element: Vision

  22. Causes for Reorg   Ineffective communication structures!   Removing a

    product or focus area!   Adding a new product or focus area!   Change in team size or makeup!
  23. Clear Communication Solves Many Evils!! Even when they’re on board,

    explaining the goals is key ! ! It is your job as the leadership to run this communication, having it trickle- down through management is usually a fail ! It Is ! ! ! ! ! ! Element: Skills
  24. Case Study 2: A business-wide focus!

  25. Advocate for your Team Make sure they have leadership roles

    and growth opportunities! Element: Incentives
  26. Set reasonable expectations based on capacity! If you don’t have

    enough people for a team, say so! Element: Resources
  27. Case Study 3: The never-ending planning!

  28. A good plan requires setting clear goals Teams given the

    same goal will have turf wars Element: Action Plan
  29. None
  30. Let Go The only constant is change

  31. You don’t have to do this alone

  32. Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan

    = SUCCESS!
  33. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

  34. Thanks! @skamille