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A Project Manager’s Best Friend: The Technical Lead

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April 21, 2020

A Project Manager’s Best Friend: The Technical Lead

Several factors can make or break a project. Sparkbox project manager Austin shares one of the most important contributions to a successful project: the technical lead. She presents how they impact the technical vision, empower other team members, and add value to everyone. Austin shares three tips on how to nurture a healthy, productive PM-tech lead relationship and why everyone, not just PMs, should be talking more about incorporating this role into their technical projects.



April 21, 2020

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  1. Austin Munhofen A Project Manager’s Best Friend: The Technical Lead

  2. Think About It

  3. None
  4. The Technical Lead

  5. Project Composition Dev 1 Dev 2 Dev 3 PM Designer

    Tech Lead Tech Director ✨Project Awesome✨
  6. What Is A Tech Lead?

  7. Leadership

  8. Communication Leadership

  9. Communication Leadership Technical Skill

  10. Communication Leadership Technical Skill Impact

  11. Leadership

  12. https://seesparkbox.com/what-we-do Discoveries https://seesparkbox.com/foundry/category/discovery_efforts

  13. Leadership sets technical architecture carries out the project with important

    historical decision-making knowledge
  14. Communication shares the technical vision and expectations communicates limitations and

    complexities identifies risks and surfaces ideas for how to mitigate them
  15. Technical Skill go-to expert in at least one area of

    the codebase build a tech architecture with the appropriate tech stack and delivery pipeline find and build seams in the architecture
  16. Impact sharpen others’ technical skills through leadership, they encourage cultivation

    of fluency, humility, and empathy
  17. Why PMs Need
 A Tech Lead

  18. Why PMs Need A Tech Lead another individual with a

    heightened sense of ownership for the project level-up team’s technical skills elevate projects to the next level
  19. Paving The Way For The Most Beneficial Tech Lead-Project Manager

  20. Trust

  21. Trust Vulnerable Conversations

  22. Trust Vulnerable Conversations Clarity of Expectations

  23. The Value Of A Tech Lead