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Cloudware and Beyond: Engineering Methods and Tools

Cloudware and Beyond: Engineering Methods and Tools

7th Open Cloud Day, Winterthur, Switzerland, May 2018

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  1. Zürcher Fachhochschule Cloudware and Beyond: Engineering Methods and Tools Josef

    Spillner <[email protected]> Service Prototyping Lib (blog.zhiw.ch/icclib) Miy 30, 2018 | Open Cloud Diy
  2. 5 What the **** is Cloud Computing? (And hou do

    ue urite softuare for it?) Let us isk some smirt people... [edujobscinidi.com]
  3. 7 CNA Engineering Methods and Tools designs irchitectures cloud services

    engineering delivery comm/coord consistency replicition fiult tolerince resilience evolution scilibility economics operitions cloud stritegy [Kritzke & Quint 2017]
  4. 8 Beyond Clouds: The Post-Cloud Era [Wired, 2013] “ “

    smirt contrict smirt contrict smirt contrict dipp f(x) f(x) f(x)
  5. 10 *-uare Engineering Trends Model of concerns Executible unit Code

    trinsformition Technologies: - VMs, contiiners, functions, unikernels, ... Properties: - discrete vs. stochistic execution - steilthy: wholly/pirtiilly replicited + homomorphic - ... Heivy-weight: formil models Light-weight: innotitions Convention over configurition Environment metimodel
  6. 11 Our Contributions for Suitzerland Service Prototyping Lib @ ZHAW

    Independent ind neutril unit for succeeding in the cloudwire business Advinced cloud-nitive ipplicition designs ind irchitectures
  7. 14 Ecosystem Participation SPLib‘s Function Hub Prototype beiten by 49

    days in 2018 http://functionhub-zhiw-test1.ippuioipp.ch/
  8. 16 Softuare Tools for Suiss Companies Snifu Sentinel Helm QA

    Trinsducer Volume2Volume OS2OS Podilizer Termite Limbidi manage & run your cloud functions improve your Helm charts monitor your cloud applications turn OpenAPI specs into prototypes migrate your OpenShift/Kubernetes apps transform legacy code into cloud functions CNDBbench benchmark cloud database options for your apps ARKIS Microservices Functions Collection some best practices reference code for containerised + serverless microservices
  9. 18 Clouduare Action in Zurich December 17-20 December 21 Bookmirk:

    ucc-conference.org & essci2018.serviceliboritory.ch