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Mistakes Were Made (By Me)

28a7165396905ffabc4d1f45609efc39?s=47 Steve Barnett
February 14, 2018

Mistakes Were Made (By Me)

A talk at the Cape Town Creative Academy ( I gave about the many mistakes I have made (and a few things I have learned from them) over my career as a Front-end Developer and UX person.


Steve Barnett

February 14, 2018


  1. Mistakes Were Made (By Me)

  2. Agenda My career path My career patterns (mostly a bit

  3. Steve Barnett FEDUX Consultant @maxbarners

  4. What does a Front-end developer do all day?

  5. None
  6. What does a UX designer do all day?

  7. None
  8. Maths Degree Sussex University, UK

  9. Employee Benefits Consultant a.k.a. Spreadsheet

  10. Web Developer Freelance (a.k.a. Code )

  11. Mistakes Were Made

  12. Mistake bucket 1: Time

  13. Mistake bucket 2: Scope

  14. Mistake bucket 3: Money

  15. Mistake bucket 4: Flexibility (a.k.a. Fast, Good, Cheap: pick two)

  16. ! I should get a day job

  17. Meetups and stuff

  18. Front-end Developer Unboxed

  19. Team: All devs Me: FED Style: Dev Shop

  20. ➡ Bigger projects ! Death March project ! Not saying

    when I was unhappy
  21. ! Say I’m unhappy, and details of why ! Inspect

    and adapt a Death March
  22. Front-end Development Lead Flow

  23. Team: Designers, Consultants Me: FED, UX Style: Agency

  24. ➡ Famous UX place ! Agency style work ! Being

    a perfectionist
  25. ! I don’t like “churning out” stuff ! Done is

    better than perfect
  26. Front-end Developer Praekelt

  27. Team: Engineers, PMs, Designers Me: UX, bit of FED Style:

  28. ➡ Good Work ™ (saving babies with JavaScript) ! Culture

    like a Corporate ! Fast exit
  29. ! Be more empathetic ! Big impact means slow (and

    low visibility)
  30. Code Mentor Project codeX

  31. Team: Mentors, Coders, a Social Worker Me: Coaching (BED, FED,

    UX) Style: Not-a-school
  32. ➡ Teaching! Meeting the people I’m helping ! Got fired

    ! No balance between brain and heart
  33. ! I tend to swing to one end (bidniz in

    this case) ! Scaling stuff is difficult
  34. Front-end Developer and UX person Consultant

  35. Team: One (1) Me: FEDUX Style: Coach

  36. Fewer Mistakes Attack Plan Use old mistakes as red flags

    Reflect early and often
  37. Still a Work In Progress Daily facepalms occur

  38. Fewer mistakes bucket 1: Time

  39. Fewer mistakes bucket 2: Scope

  40. Fewer mistakes bucket 3: Money

  41. Fewer mistakes bucket 4: Flexibility

  42. Mistakes Were Made (By Me) (But I Learned Some Stuff)

  43. Thank you! Steve Barnett @maxbarners

  44. It depends ¯\_(ϑ)_/¯