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OK Computer [Codemotion Rome]

OK Computer [Codemotion Rome]


Peter Gasston

March 18, 2016

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  1. OK Computer Peter Gasston ROME 18-19 MARCH 2016

  2. Peter Gasston C.T. at +rehabstudio @stopsatgreen broken-links.com

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  10. @stopsatgreen Artificial Intelligence is becoming very good, very quickly.

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  12. @stopsatgreen Deep learning Machine learning Neural networks Cognitive computing

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  16. @stopsatgreen A.I. augments existing service categories and creates new ones.

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  20. @stopsatgreen NLP enables a shift
 from GUI to CUI.

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  22. 0 1 2 3 4 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

    2017 2018 Internet Messaging Social
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  28. @stopsatgreen –David Marcus, Facebook “Threads are the new apps.”

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  32. 0 25 50 75 100 Now Future Humans AI

  33. @stopsatgreen … or from GUI to No UI.

  34. @stopsatgreen Between 2012 and 2015 Google’s voice recognition error rate

    dropped from
 26% to 8%.
  35. @stopsatgreen 10% of Baidu search queries are by voice. That’s

    approx. 500m per day.
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  39. @stopsatgreen Now A.I. is coming for your job.

  40. Is your job at risk? Abstractions People Pictures Words Numbers

    Routine Variety You’re alright Get nervous Bye Bye
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  42. @stopsatgreen One in five of us could see our roles

  43. @stopsatgreen A shallow magnitude 4.7 earthquake was reported Monday morning

    five miles from Westwood, California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 6:25 a.m. Pacific time at a depth of 5.0 miles.
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  45. @stopsatgreen – MIT news Helium is a system that revamps

    and fine-tunes code without ever needing the original source, in a matter of hours or even minutes.
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  53. @stopsatgreen –Travis Gertz The work we produce is repeatable and

    predictable. It panders to a common denominator. We build buckets and templates to hold every kind of content, then move on to the next component of the system. Digital design is a human assembly line.
  54. Is your job at risk? Abstractions People Pictures Words Numbers

    Routine Variety You’re alright Get nervous Bye Bye
  55. @stopsatgreen – Travis Gertz While we’ve been streamlining our processes

    and perfecting our machine-like assembly techniques, others have been watching closely and assembling their own machines. We’ve designed ourselves right into an environment ripe for automation.
  56. @stopsatgreen A.I. can’t do our jobs, but it can do

    bits of our jobs.
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  59. @stopsatgreen Creativity is a tool
 that we can use.

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  62. @stopsatgreen – Andrew Ng We need to enable a lot

    of people to do non- routine, non-repetitive tasks.
 Teaching innovation and creativity could be one way to get there.
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  65. @stopsatgreen AI is a tool we can use to provide

    better services to
 our customers.
  66. @stopsatgreen – Cennydd Bowles We’ll have to create frameworks /

    scaffolds / templates for A.I.s to deliver output through. These scaffolds may be sonic, tactile, and linguistic as well as visual.
  67. @stopsatgreen Artificial Intelligence is becoming very good, very quickly. Artificial

    Intelligence is becoming very available, very quickly.
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  73. @stopsatgreen – Joris Toonders Data in the 21st Century is

    like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely untapped valuable asset.
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  82. @stopsatgreen The best way to learn
 is to play.

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  84. @stopsatgreen Chandler: Well, I proposed to my shoe… Joey: (laughs)

    This is his father… (Cave children.) Hey Pheebs? Monica: I hate men! I hate men! Ross: What are you gonna do? (All the dinner enters.) Monica: Happy Gandolf.
  85. @stopsatgreen –Taylor Swift? I animals are the only ones alive

    , I guess , of course , that ’s what you want to do , I ca n’t stand it any longer , I love you.
  86. @stopsatgreen talktothetrex.com —OR— On Telegram, add @T_RexBot.

  87. @stopsatgreen The tools are there for you to start building.

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  90. @stopsatgreen – Cennydd Bowles A.I. is becoming a cornerstone of

    user experience. This is going to be interesting (read: difficult) for designers.
  91. @stopsatgreen visual motion interaction experience service emotion design intelligence conversation

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  94. @stopsatgreen Old problems still apply to
 new interaction models.

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  97. @stopsatgreen – @Rishi_NK If data is the new oil then

    privacy is the new climate change.
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  99. @stopsatgreen Me cojoni!

  100. @stopsatgreen – Jeff Dean [AI is] going to enable us

    to build new and interesting products that wouldn’t have been possible before, possibly in areas we’re not really working in today.
  101. @stopsatgreen The ready availability of deep learning happened so quickly

    that we barely realised.
  102. @stopsatgreen A.I. has improved suddenly. A.I. will take some jobs.

    A.I. offers new opportunities. A.I. can make your work better.
  103. @stopsatgreen – Lee Se-dol It made me question human creativity.

    When I saw AlphaGo’s moves, I wondered whether the Go moves I have known were the right ones.
 It made me realise that I must study Go more.
  104. @stopsatgreen @stopsatgreen