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Your Reality Here

Your Reality Here

The smartphone market has reached maturity, and everyone’s wondering what’s next. A look at the most likely candidate for the post-mobile platform, giving reasons why it’s the most likely, and exploring what role the Web will play.


Peter Gasston

July 16, 2018

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  1. Your Reality Here Extended Reality and the Web

  2. Peter Gasston @stopsatgreen Innovation Lead at rehab

  3. I’m going to talk about four things: The post-mobile platform

    The reasons What’s missing The role of the Web
  4. The post-mobile platform

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  7. Gartner hype cycle 2017

  8. Benedict Evans / a16z

  9. XR will be the next platform.

  10. Extended reality (XR) is a spectrum REAL DIGITAL Reality Virtual

    Reality Augmented Reality Mixed Reality
  11. The reasons

  12. Why XR is the next platform: Because we’re told so

    Because of human nature Because we have the foundation
  13. Because we’re told so

  14. One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality

    will become part of daily life for billions of people.” —Mark Zuckerberg “
  15. I regard [AR] as a big idea, like the smartphone.”

    —Tim Cook “
  16. Some of Apple’s moves in XR 2013: Buy PrimeSense 2015:

    Buy Metaio 2016: Buy Flyby 2017: Buy VRVana 2017: Launch ARKit
  17. None
  18. Because of human nature

  19. XR meets two persistent human desires: to know, and to

    be tricked.
  20. The desire to know

  21. Knowledge is power. Scientia potestas est.

  22. Spoken language developed so that we could pass on knowledge;

    and written language so that we could record it.
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  24. Answering questions you can’t articulate “… A cushion that’s orange

    and brown and beige with a pattern of thick and thin bars and squares.”
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  26. The desire to be tricked

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  29. Perspectival representation aimed to give viewers the illusion that they

    had been transported into geometrically coherent and psychologically convincing other worlds.” — Margaret Wertheim “
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  34. Because we have the foundation

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  36. Mixed reality is a display problem, a sensor problem and

    a decision problem.” — Benedict Evans “
  37. The sensor

  38. Top three most-photographed subjects Source: Creative Strategies, Inc Smartphone Photography

    Survey. n=965. Audience: Mainstream.
  39. We’re going from computers with cameras, that take photos, to

    computers with eyes, that can see.” — Benedict Evans “
  40. None
  41. Information I’d never have had unless I’d asked whoever I

    was with to describe it to me. Having the ability to do that independently is really quite remarkable.” — Léonie Watson “
  42. Computer vision has become commoditised in a very short time.

  43. Simultaneous Location And Mapping (SLAM)

  44. The display

  45. Video see-through (VST) Optical see-through (OST)

  46. Phone-based AR is a social impediment and can be uncomfortable

    for more than short bursts.
  47. Having your hands free to manipulate, hold, touch or help

    while you’re taking a snap… greatly increases the sense of ‘place’ that you get out of it.” — Matthew Panzarino “
  48. Digital in physical spaces & remixing digital input

  49. Digital things sharing space with physical things

  50. The decision-maker

  51. None
  52. In XR, what you don’t see could be as important

    as what you see.
  53. None
  54. Google’s Knowledge Graph aims to give you an answer, not

    a page of links.
  55. “… An intent represents a mapping between what a user

    says and what action should be taken by your software.”
  56. What’s missing

  57. Diverse voices

  58. A platform that’s closely integrated with the real world should

    reflect real world values—not just those of Silicon Valley.
  59. In the Renaissance, new concepts of scientific thinking such as

    perspective and space were brought into the public sphere by artists and philosophers.
  60. A shared public space

  61. AR has the ability to re-enable scarcity. Many AR experiences

    will be tied to the location in which you experience it.” — Matt Miesniks “
  62. “… The future of Nike and of sneaker culture is

    to be able to seamlessly blend real-world charm with digital world convenience.”
  63. The biggest thing that’s been missing for the entire last

    decade was our physical embodied space.” — Anjney Midha “
  64. SLAM

  65. The AR Cloud is a shared [digital] memory of the

    physical world. It’s the single most important software infrastructure in computing.” — Ori Inbar “
  66. Cloud Anchors + Shared AR (Apple)

  67. How do we stop massive platforms dominating the AR Cloud

    in the same way they dominate the Web?
  68. Camera Positioning Standard (CPS), Fantasmo.io

  69. The role of the Web

  70. The Web has transformed the world, but stands aloof from

    it.” — Mark Pesce “
  71. 51.523155, -0.085156 35.0 false //londonwebstandards.org Mixed Reality Service (MRS) adds

    a missing metadata layer to the real world, adding links in space.
  72. Hololens App Model

  73. None
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  76. Facebook 3D post

  77. Article (Google prototype)

  78. <a rel="ar" href="model.usdz"> <img src="preview.jpg"> </a> AR Quick Look in

    Safari 12
  79. WebXR lets you create VR/AR experiences that are embedded in

    the web.
  80. What the WebXR Device API does Discovers compatible devices Begins

    an XR session Runs a 60fps loop github.com/immersive-web
  81. How to experiment with XR on the Web now AR.js,

    three.ar.js WebXR XR on the Web
  82. We have an opportunity to more fundamentally reconsider what we

    want the Web to be.
  83. The limitations are less about technical constraints, and more in

    our ability to conceptualise, structure and prioritise the aspects of the world we want to build.” — Keiichi Matsuda “
  84. A richer, more shareable Web

  85. We expect Stories are on track to overtake posts in

    Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps.” — Mark Zuckerberg “
  86. The rise of Stories

  87. Our current idea of what qualifies as a site, and

    the value (or lack thereof) that this implies, may be holding the web back.” — Stephanie Rieger “
  88. Hopscotch (concept)—fluffy-shanks.glitch.me

  89. There’s a disconnect between the Web we have — which is largely

    text — and the Web we need, which is richly visualised. “
  90. Our world is not text, and the Web, as it

    becomes more a part of this world, must become more like the world.” — Mark Pesce “
  91. “… We use ‘X’ not as part of an acronym

    but as an algebraic variable to indicate ‘Your Reality Here’.”
  92. Let’s make the Web be the X in XR.

  93. The End