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Growing Up, Getting Serious

Growing Up, Getting Serious

A talk about the Web of the next ten years. About moving beyond the browser, and into everything around us. About new interfaces, no interfaces, realities virtual and augmented. And about taking responsibility for systems that provide life, and death.
Given at Render Conf, March 2017.


Peter Gasston

March 31, 2017

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  1. Growing Up, Getting Serious Render Conf, March 2017 @stopsatgreen

  2. Peter Gasston Creative Technologist at +rehabstudio @stopsatgreen

  3. I. Goodbye Browser II. Interface on Demand III. The Physical

    Web IV. Computers with Eyes V. Why It Matters @stopsatgreen
  4. I. Goodbye Browser @stopsatgreen

  5. “We are the last generation to know what ‘a browser’

    is.” — Kenneth Auchenberg @stopsatgreen
  6. @stopsatgreen

  7. @stopsatgreen

  8. Material Design @stopsatgreen

  9. @stopsatgreen PWAs

  10. Deeply Integrated PWAs / ‘WebAPKs’ @stopsatgreen

  11. Chrome OS / Android @stopsatgreen

  12. “The wall between ‘native’ and the Web is falling, and

    developers will be able to seamlessly use the same libraries in both contexts.” — Dan Callahan @stopsatgreen
  13. “As WebAssembly evolves, you’ll be able to use it with

    languages often used for mobile apps, like Java, Swift, and C#.” — David Bryant @stopsatgreen
  14. Electron / Slack @stopsatgreen

  15. Facebook is the biggest mobile browser @stopsatgreen 48% 48% 34%

    62% iOS Android Browser Facebook WebView
  16. “In a way, Facebook made the browser wars irrelevant by

    essentially itself becoming the browser.” — Ben Basche @stopsatgreen
  17. Instant Articles @stopsatgreen

  18. Accelerated Mobile Pages @stopsatgreen

  19. “The Verge’s brand has to connect with audiences that may

    never actually see it on the open web at all.” — Nilay Patel @stopsatgreen
  20. II. Interface on Demand @stopsatgreen

  21. “The app only appears in a particular context when necessary

    and in the format most convenient for the user.” — Matt Hartman @stopsatgreen
  22. Most people get 5+ notifications daily 33% 44% 15% 0-4

    5-19 20+ @stopsatgreen
  23. Notifications @stopsatgreen

  24. 60 40 20 0 Messages sent per day (billions) Messenger

    + WhatsApp SMS 60 20 @stopsatgreen People love messaging
  25. Top Messaging Apps (MAUs) 0 250.000.000 500.000.000 750.000.000 1.2bn

    1bn 846mn Messaging is huge @stopsatgreen
  26. Messaging WebViews @stopsatgreen

  27. Messaging Wubbles (ugh) @stopsatgreen

  28. Mini Programs @stopsatgreen

  29. “Think of it as a better version of a browser,

    where you’re signed in and payment-enabled for every site you visit.” — Connie Chan @stopsatgreen
  30. III. The Physical Web @stopsatgreen

  31. @stopsatgreen Voice UI

  32. 2014 5 2015 2016 Voice-first device footprint (millions) 10 15

    20 25 30 2017 Devices (millions) 32 0.5 2.5 9 Voice-first devices becoming popular
  33. “By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done

    without a screen.” — Gartner @stopsatgreen
  34. IoT / Web Bluetooth @stopsatgreen

  35. Beacons / Nearby @stopsatgreen

  36. @stopsatgreen “Nobody uses QR codes”

  37. “QR codes are everywhere in public spaces in China, both

    as pixelated portals to the digital world and as identity verification.” — Christina Xu @stopsatgreen
  38. @stopsatgreen QR codes in China

  39. IV. Computers with Eyes IV. Computers with Eyes @stopsatgreen

  40. “We believe that the camera screen will be the starting

    point for most products on smartphones.” — Snap IPO @stopsatgreen
  41. @stopsatgreen Computer vision

  42. “We’re going from computers with cameras, that take photos, to

    computers with eyes, that can see.” — Benedict Evans @stopsatgreen
  43. MR AR / HoloLens

  44. “In the context of AR, equating the browser to web

    is not only inaccurate but limiting.” — Saranyan Vigraham @stopsatgreen
  45. “When AR hits tipping point it'll be nothing less than

    the internet merging with reality.” — JP LeBreton @stopsatgreen
  46. VR / A-Frame

  47. Interlude @stopsatgreen

  48. “I don’t define ‘the web’ as websites alone, but rather

    as any user experience that’s delivered across multiple channels and devices.” — Dries Buytaert @stopsatgreen
  49. “What if everything was powered by ‘the Web’, but you

    never saw a browser?” — Paul Kinlan @stopsatgreen
  50. AMP Instant Articles Notifications Messaging WebViews App WebViews Apple News

    VR Wubbles (ugh) PWAs Browser Mini Programs Voice UI AR / MR
  51. V. Why It Matters @stopsatgreen

  52. “The main reason I care about the Web is because

    it’s the world’s biggest software platform that isn’t owned.” — David Herman @stopsatgreen
  53. “When AR hits tipping point it'll be nothing less than

    the internet merging with reality. It's imperative that open platforms win that space.” — JP LeBreton @stopsatgreen
  54. @stopsatgreen

  55. “This phone was more important than my soul.” “This phone

    was more important than my soul.” — Unknown refugee @stopsatgreen
  56. None
  57. The End Come and talk to me. Or tweet @stopsatgreen.