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Growing Up, Getting Serious - #SotB6

Peter Gasston
September 16, 2017

Growing Up, Getting Serious - #SotB6

The web beyond the browser. Current trends in technology and user behaviour, the role of the web, and the role of the browser.

Peter Gasston

September 16, 2017

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  1. “We are the last generation to know what ‘a browser’

    is.” — Kenneth Auchenberg @stopsatgreen
  2. “To count as being part of the web, your app

    or page must: 1. Be linkable, and 2. Allow any client to access it. That’s it.” — Dieter Bohn @stopsatgreen
  3. “A TV with an address bar.” @stopsatgreen “A piece of

    software that interprets HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.” What is a browser?
  4. “A program that traverses a web of hyperlinks. The underlying

    markup language or visualization is irrelevant.” @stopsatgreen What is a browser?
  5. Facebook is the biggest mobile browser @stopsatgreen 48% 48% 34%

    62% iOS Android Browser Facebook WebView
  6. “In a way, Facebook made the browser wars irrelevant by

    essentially itself becoming the browser.” — Ben Basche @stopsatgreen
  7. “The Verge’s brand has to connect with audiences that may

    never actually see it on the open web at all.” — Nilay Patel @stopsatgreen
  8. “The app only appears in a particular context when necessary

    and in the format most convenient for the user.” — Matt Hartman @stopsatgreen
  9. 60 40 20 0 Messages sent per day (billions) Messenger

    + WhatsApp SMS 60 20 @stopsatgreen People love messaging
  10. “Think of it as a better version of a browser,

    where you’re signed in and payment-enabled for every site you visit.” — Connie Chan @stopsatgreen
  11. 2014 5 2015 2016 Voice-first device footprint (millions) 10 15

    20 25 30 2017 Devices (millions) 32 0.5 2.5 9 Voice-first devices becoming popular
  12. “By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done

    without a screen.” — Gartner @stopsatgreen
  13. “QR codes are everywhere in public spaces in China, both

    as pixelated portals to the digital world and as identity verification.” — Christina Xu @stopsatgreen
  14. “We believe that the camera screen will be the starting

    point for most products on smartphones.” — Snap IPO @stopsatgreen
  15. “We’re going from computers with cameras, that take photos, to

    computers with eyes, that can see.” — Benedict Evans @stopsatgreen
  16. “In the context of AR, equating the browser to web

    is not only inaccurate but limiting.” — Saranyan Vigraham @stopsatgreen
  17. “When AR hits tipping point it'll be nothing less than

    the internet merging with reality.” — JP LeBreton @stopsatgreen
  18. “An increasingly outdated metaphor used to describe the way we

    believed we needed to interact with the web/internet via a single application.” @stopsatgreen What is a browser?
  19. “Browsers are what the Web looked like in the first

    decades of the Internet.” — Andreas Gal @stopsatgreen
  20. “I don’t define ‘the web’ as websites alone, but rather

    as any user experience that’s delivered across multiple channels and devices.” — Dries Buytaert @stopsatgreen
  21. “What if everything was powered by ‘the Web’, but you

    never saw a browser?” — Paul Kinlan @stopsatgreen
  22. Browser AMP Instant Articles Notifications Messaging WebViews App WebViews Apple

    News VR Web Extensions & Wubbles (ugh) WebAPKs Mini Programs Voice UI AR / MR
  23. “This phone was more important than my soul.” “This phone

    was more important than my soul.” — Unknown refugee @stopsatgreen
  24. “The main reason I care about the Web is because

    it’s the world’s biggest software platform that isn’t owned.” — David Herman @stopsatgreen
  25. “The work of making technology successful for human use is

    inseparable from the work of making the world better for humans.” — Kate O’Neill @stopsatgreen