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The SuperFan - Rundle Summit Presentation

The SuperFan - Rundle Summit Presentation

Keynote address for the Rundle Summit in Banff on February 23, 2018.

Sunil Agnihotri

February 26, 2018

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  1. Background Master of Arts in Communications and Technology - University

    of Alberta (2012) “SuperFan 2.0 - The produsage qualities of online hockey fans” Blog at thesuperfan.ca CBC Edmonton News TSN Radio Freelance work: The Athletic Edmonton, The Copper & Blue, Hockey in Society
  2. Sports Products Ticket sales Merchandise Affiliation with favorite team/BIRG Uncertainty

    Mason, D.S. (1999). What is the sports product and who buys it? The marketing of professional sports leagues. European Journal of Marketing, 33(3/4), p. 402-418.
  3. NHL Coverage National coverage - TSN, Sportsnet Local coverage -

    Beat reporters Self-coverage - NHL, Oilers
  4. Information/misinformation Opinions Speculation Gossip “It is part of selling the

    game. I think rumours are good for the game because they create interest.” “A player reads a rumour in the paper that he is going to be traded, so all of a sudden his game picks up” National Post, January 2000
  5. Hot takes! In journalism, a hot take is a "piece

    of deliberately provocative commentary that is based almost entirely on shallow moralizing in response to a news story, usually written on tight deadlines with little research or reporting, and even less thought" Rios, Tomas (August 15, 2013). "A Brief History of Bad Sports Writing". Pacific Standard. Retrieved 13 April 2015.
  6. Standard consumption model Fans Watch the games Buy tickets/merchandise Get

    information/analysis Speculate/gossip NHL 82 game season Playoffs Sponsors Merchandise Tickets Media coverage National/local coverage TV, radio, web Opinion, analysis Share information
  7. Fans aren’t good consumers Play hockey Play video games Gamble

    Collect merchandise Remix culture Create their own experience
  8. Produsage (Bruns, 2008) Open participation, Communal evaluation Fluid Heterarchy, Ad

    Hoc Meritocracy Unfinished Artefacts, Continuing Process Common Property, Individual Rewards “the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement”
  9. SuperFan 2.0 (2012) Exploring the Produsage qualities of hockey fans

    (2012) • Open participation, Communal evaluation • Fluid Heterarchy, Ad Hoc Meritocracy • Unfinished Artefacts, Continuing Process • Common Property, Individual Rewards
  10. Hockey Analytics Started by online fans Data mining/analysis Public databases

    Visualizations Exponential growth and distribution
  11. NHL stats history 1917-18 - League launched, goals and assists

    tracked 1922-23 - League tracked timing of events 1967-68 - Started tracking plus/minus, individual shots and shooting percentage 1983-84 - Goaltender save percentage tracked 1998-99 - Player time on ice published 2002-03 - League started publishing play by play reports
  12. Fan’s role Scrape data from NHL game reports Convert into

    usable datasets Supplement analysis with data Share findings, discuss with others Refine analysis based on feedback Collect more data as needed
  13. Analytics web sites ACTIVE Natural Stat Trick Corsica Hockey Hockey

    Stats DEFUNCT War on Ice Puckalytics Extra Skater Time on Ice
  14. NHL Salary Cap Information - CapGeek launched in 2009 to

    provide salary information - General Fanager launched in 2015 - Cap Friendly launched in 2015