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Getting Started with HoloSDK

Getting Started with HoloSDK

Slide deck of HoloSDK workshop held in 14th May.



May 14, 2021

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  1. Getting Started with HoloSDK 3D Expression on Flat Display

  2. 3D Expression Based on Head Tracking This is a very

    famous work by Johnny Lee, posted in 2007. https://youtu.be/Jd3-eiid-Uw
  3. Examples of Devices Used for Head Tracking Recently, Kinect and

    Vive trackers are the most popular methods. But not everyone has the equipment for tracking.
  4. Holo-SDK 3D expression is possible with a webcam without special

    equipment. https://youtu.be/NOGNq2uYs4o
  5. Today’s Goal Realizes expressions that pop out of the screen

    and expressions that seem to have space behind them. https://youtu.be/86Vave1n4IA
  6. Download Sample Data http://arfukuoka.lolipop.jp/HoloSDK/Sample.zip

  7. Launch Unity Hub Unity Hub

  8. Creating a Project (1/6) ①Project ②▼ next to NEW

  9. Creating a Project (2/6) 2019.4.13 or Later This document is

    based on the use of 2019.4.x
  10. Creating a Project (3/6) ①3D ②Project Name

  11. Creating a Project (4/6) Select a Directory

  12. Creating a Project (5/6) CREATE

  13. Creating a Project(6/6) Unity Editor will be shown

  14. Overview of the Unity Editor Scene Tab Area for placing

    objects. List of objects List of folders and files in the project
  15. Installing Holo-SDK (1/6) Open the HoloSDK folder under the C

    drive. C¥:HoloSDK
  16. Installing Holo-SDK (2/6) Make sure HoloUnitySDK is in the folder.

  17. Installing Holo-SDK (3/6) Click Assets Folder

  18. Installing Holo-SDK (4/6) HoloUnitySDK

  19. Installing Holo-SDK (5/6) Drag & drop the HoloUnitySDK into the

    Assets folder
  20. Installing Holo-SDK (6/6) HoloUnitySDK will be shown

  21. Get the Object to Display (1/7) Click Window

  22. Get the Object to Display (2/7) Asset Store

  23. Get the Object to Display (3/7) Search Free Aircraft

  24. Get the Object to Display (4/7) Click this icon

  25. Get the Object to Display (5/7) Download & Import

  26. Get the Object to Display (6/7) Import

  27. Get the Object to Display (7/7) Understone folder will be

  28. Development with HoloSDK (1/5) Click Scene tab

  29. Development with HoloSDK (2/5) Delete Main Camera

  30. Development with HoloSDK (3/5) Assets → HoloUnitySDK → HoloPrefabs

  31. Development with HoloSDK (4/5) HoloUnitySDK

  32. Development with HoloSDK (5/5) Drag & drop HoloUnitySDK into Hierarchy

  33. Adjusting the Viewpoint of Scene (1/4) Something will appear

  34. Adjusting the Viewpoint of Scene (2/4) Open HoloUnitySDK

  35. Adjusting the Viewpoint of Scene (3/4) Double click HoloStage

  36. Appendix: Identity of the Added Board  This is the

    background area displayed on the screen.  Depending on the setting, it may looks black, but it can be displayed in the actual color later.  CG is placed between the virtual camera and this board to create the content.
  37. Adjusting the Viewpoint of Scene (4/4) Alt + Drag to

    rotate view The orientation of the center axis of the board should be this Position of the viewpoint (virtual camera)
  38. Add a Display Object to the Scene Assets → Understone

    → Free Aircraft Pack → Prefabs
  39. Add a Display Object to the Scene Open HoloStage

  40. Add a Display Object to the Scene Find HoloObjects

  41. Add a Display Object to the Scene aircraft-A-A

  42. Add a Display Object to the Scene Drag & drop

    aircraft-A-A into HoloObjects
  43. Add a Display Object to the Scene Aircraft should be

    added as a child of HoloObjects
  44. Adjust Position/Rotation/Size Make the object small and easy to see

    (explained in the next page).
  45. Adjust Position/Rotation/Size aircraft-A-A Poisition: 0 0 -20 Rotation:0 220 0

    Scale: 5 5 5
  46. Adding Other Objects (1/6) Cloud-A

  47. Adding Other Objects (2/6) Drag & dropCloud-A into HoloObjects

  48. Adding Other Objects (3/6) Cloud-A Poisition: -20 15 0 Rotation:0

    0 0 Scale: 1.5 1.5 1.5
  49. Adding Other Objects (4/6) Click Cloud-A

  50. Adding Other Objects (5/6) Ctrl + D to duplicate cloud

  51. Adding Other Objects (6/6) Cloud-A (1) Poisition: 28 -9 0

    Rotation:0 0 0 Scale: 1 1 1
  52. Modify Brightness (1/4) Window

  53. Modify Brightness (2/4) Rendering Lighting Setting

  54. Modify Brightness (3/4) Auto Generate

  55. Modify Brightness (4/4) 明るくなる

  56. Ctrl + S to save the scene

  57. Run Click play button

  58. Run No camera rendering

  59. Run Click play button again to stop

  60. Detail of the Camera of HoloSDK HoloCamera

  61. Detail of the Camera of HoloSDK Key ID is empty

  62. To use the camera, you need to create a license

    and obtain an ID.
  63. Launch a text editor to note down information about the

  64. Access to Official Site https://www.holo-sdk.com/ or Search Holo SDK in

  65. Obtaining Key ID (1/9) Manage License

  66. Obtaining Key ID (2/9) If you already have id, shown

    like this
  67. Obtaining Key ID (3/9) If you don’t have id...

  68. Obtaining Key ID (4/9) Buy more license

  69. Obtaining Key ID (5/9) GENERATE FREE

  70. Obtaining Key ID (6/9) Edit

  71. Obtaining Key ID (7/9) Company Name Product Name

  72. Write down the company name and product name in a

    text editor.
  73. Obtaining Key ID (8/9) Add

  74. Obtaining Key ID (9/9) Key ID

  75. Copy and paste the Key ID into a text editor

    as well.
  76. Applying Key ID (1/5) HoloCamera Paste Key ID

  77. Applying Key ID (2/5) Edit

  78. Applying Key ID (3/5) Project Settings

  79. Applying Key ID (4/5) Company Name Product Name Applying Key

  80. Applying Key ID (5/5) Close

  81. Run

  82. Save the current scene (1/3) File Save As...

  83. Save the current scene (2/3) Input the name (Sample1) Save

  84. Save the current scene (3/3) Assets Icon of this scen

    will appear
  85. Next Step Realize the expression as if there is a

    space behind the screen.
  86. Duplicate the Current Scene (1/3) Ctrl + D to duplicate

    this scene
  87. Duplicate the Current Scene (2/3) Double click new scene

  88. Duplicate the Current Scene (3/3) As long as it's the

    newer scene name, it's OK.
  89. Importing Room Objects Double click VirtualBox.unitypackage

  90. Importing Room Objects Import

  91. Use the Room Object (1/8) Virtual Box

  92. Use the Room Object (2/8) Virtual Box

  93. Use the Room Object (3/8) Open HoloUnitySDK Open HoloStage

  94. Use the Room Object (4/8) Dragn & drop VirtualBox into

  95. Use the Room Object (5/8) Virtual Box Poisition: 0 0

    0 Rotation:0 0 0 Scale: 120 80 50 ※スケールのzの値(=部屋の奥行)は任意
  96. Use the Room Object (6/8) HoloScreen Turn off the check

    of Mesh Renderer
  97. Use the Room Object (7/8) The front plate disappears.

  98. Use the Room Object (8/8) Change the position of airplanes

    and clouds as you want
  99. Run

  100. Build File

  101. Build Build Settings

  102. Build Architectureを x86_64に変更

  103. Build Build

  104. Build New Folder

  105. Build Rename the new folder

  106. Build Select a foloder

  107. Build ARFukuoka.exe

  108. Golal