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AWS初心者抜けきれない私がAWS SamuraiとAWS Community Builderの特権フル活用したらどんなものが作れるか挑戦したこと

October 13, 2022

AWS初心者抜けきれない私がAWS SamuraiとAWS Community Builderの特権フル活用したらどんなものが作れるか挑戦したこと

セッション日までに完成できるのか!?AWS 初心者抜けきれない私がAWS Samurai と AWS Community Builder の特権フル活用したらどんなものが作れるか挑戦する。

JAWS-UGのおかげで日本全国の仲間と出会えました。AWS Samurai 2019とAWS Community Builderの称号を奇跡的に頂いたAWS初心者の私がその特権を活かしたら1か月でどんなものが作れちゃうのかに挑戦します。
使ってみたいサービス:9月10日にAmazon Elasticsearch Service から名称変更したAmazon OpenSearch Service


October 13, 2022

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  1. JAWSUG Beginners Kahori Takeda 2021-11-21 05:20 (JST) AWS 初心者抜けきれない私がAWS Samurai

    とAWS Community Builder の特権フル活用 したらどんなものが作れるのか挑戦したこと As an AWS beginner, I will challenge what I can make if I make full use of the privileges of Samurai and AWS Community Builder. #jawsug #jawspankration2021
  2. The cover of the presentation is ready. But the theme

    was too long... Why not make the sentence longer and fill the screen with titles? by kameda-san @aws evangelist Yesterday morning...
  3. AWS 初心者を抜けきれない 😅 私がAWS Samurai とAWS Community Builder の特権フル活用したらどんなものが作 れるのか挑戦してみたが贅沢な

    😎 特権がありすぎて脱線 しまくりインプットやアウトプットが面白すぎて何か1つ のものを完成させたとは言えないのでこれからも手を動か して継続してインプットとアウトプットをし続けよう✊ と 改めて思った話を早朝にゆるーく聞いてね💛 I can't get rid of AWS beginners😅, but I tried to see what I could make if I made full use of the privileges of AWS Samurai and AWS Community Builder. However, my studies were derailed because of too many privileges and too much luxury😎. As a result of the input and output for studying being too interesting, I cannot say that I have achieved anything big, so I thought again that I would continue to move my hands and continue to input and output✊.Feel free to listen to me early in the morning💛 #jawsug #jawspankration2021 Kahori Takeda  2021-11-21 05:20 (JST)
  4. My profile KAHORI TAKEDA 武田 可帆里 @taketakekaho Community a member of

    the JAWSUG Beginners since 2019 AWS Samurai 2019 AWS Community Builder Work @TRUSTBANK,Inc.. PdM Development and delivery SaaS "LoGoChat" ,"LoGoForm" for Japanese public and local organizations favorite AWS service : AWS ECS Recent interests :Workation ( work and vacation ) , golf
  5. Why I Can't Get Out Of AWS Beginners..🤔 私がAWS 初心者を抜け出せたと思いきれない理由

    From an engineer to a product manager, I have less chance to touch AWS at work PART1 Since I belong to a business company, not a system integration business, I have few opportunities to compare my knowledge of AWS with others. (Rather, because of JAWSUG, all the people around me are high-level people, so I always think that I am a beginner.) PART2
  6. It was just an important time for the service under

    development, but I heard this. 仕事が立て込んだ時期たけど‥pankration のCFP 案内が来た時私の中でこれが聞こえた。
  7. Amazon Elasticsearch Service Is Now Amazon OpenSearch Service and Supports

    OpenSearch 1.0 on 08 September 2021 real-time application monitoring, log analytics, and website search. Open-source search and analytics suite OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards were originally derived from Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and Kibana 7.10.2.   リアルタイムアプリ監視・ログ分析・検索   分散型のオープンソースの検索および分析スイート   OpenSearch はElasticsearch 7.10.2 およびkibana7.10.2 から派生
  8. What I made before POC that aggregates and visualizes logs

    from CloudWatch to OpenSearch Searvice with Lambda CloudWatch からOpenSearchSearvice へのログをLambda で集約して視覚化するPOC
  9. What I made POC that aggregates and visualizes logs from

    CloudWatch to OpenSearch Searvice with Lambda CloudWatch からOpenSearchSearvice へのログをLambda で集約して視覚化するPOC after
  10. Amazon OpenSearch Service freely create graphs and tables as well

    as logs and place them on the dashboard. monitor and search logs across log streams and log groups.
  11. Tips It wasn't just that the name changed. Upgrade function

    from Amazon ElasticSearch to Amazon OpenSearch It's super easy if you just move it. However, when using it for commercial purposes, it is necessary to make repeated adjustments several times.
  12. 5 Days before Information gathering First of all, I read

    What is ElasticSearch. Will it be in time for me?!
  13. 4 Days before Install ElasticSearch on my Mac and try

    Kibana. (AWS hasn't appeared yet.)
  14. 4 Days before I was able to search for books

    by connecting to the book search API with Python and Flask on Mac. (AWS hasn't appeared yet...)
  15. 2 Days before When I started reading the blog on

    dev.to, I couldn't stop and there was no progress.. Cloud Academy hands-on is well done and I start doing unrelated labs    dev.to 読み始めたら止まらなくなり作業進捗ゼロ    Cloud Academy でおもしろそうなハンズオン見つけてやり始めてしまう A community blog site between engineers. There is a group where AWS Community Builders members are registered. 技術ブログが投稿できる技術系コミュニティサイトdev.to にAWS Community Builders メンバー用のグループがあり多 くのAWS 情報発信がまとめて読める A service where you can learn the cloud with videos. AWS Community Builders are free for one year. 動画などでクラウドを勉強できるプラットフォーム。 AWS Commynity Builders メンバーは1 年限定で無料利 用できる
  16. 1 Days before I want to create a log aggregation

    system. Touch Amazon OpenSearch Service for the first time. Create a Kibana dashboard UI ログ集約システムを作ろうと決める 初めてAmazon OpenSearch を触り始める 速攻でKibana ダッシュボードできた
  17. 0 Days before I started making hands-on procedures even though

    I haven't started making presentation materials   スライド全く着手していないのになぜかイベントの裏でハンズオン手順を作り始める https://zenn.dev/taketakekaho/books/bbfe940dc16948
  18. 0 Days before Repeat deletion and deployment to create hands-on

    procedure.    ハンズオン手順完成させるため何度も繰り返し手順を実施 AWS has provided credits to AWS Samurai and AWS Community Builders for easy input and output, so I can study without worrying about money. AWS Samurai やAWS Community Builders 向けにAWS さんからAWS クレジットを頂けるのでお金の心配なし に勉強できる
  19. I didn't use the primary privilege of being an AWS

    Samurai and Community Builder this time... It's a "companion" of the community