25% Faster Hotel Search. Web Performance? - trivago.

25% Faster Hotel Search. Web Performance? - trivago.

Every day the trivago hotel search website enables millions of users to find their ideal hotel in over 190 countries. With over 50 active locales and annual traffic growth of over 40%, maintaining optimal web performance is key to trivago's success as a business.

In emerging markets, maintaining optimal web performance can become a challenge: varying network conditions and different device topology cause issues. Thanks to trivago's rigorous testing culture, we identified these issues in one of our key emerging markets. We ran comparative tests to improve performance, tied the resulting data to trivago's business metrics and correlated it to conversions, more page interactions and a significant increase in new users.

In this talk, you'll learn how trivago measures performance, how we run complex multivariate tests to calculate the business value of engineering and how we optimised performance for one of our key emerging markets.


Tobias Baldauf

June 19, 2018


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    WebPerf is owned by all. Specialists consult. Fast feedback loops

    help discover trends & long-term data defines direction. Tobias Baldauf - @tbaldauf - tobias.baldauf@trivago.com 39
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    Beware of what to measure: business KPIs may change unexpectantly

    when improving WebPerf. Choose the right tool for the job. Tobias Baldauf - @tbaldauf - tobias.baldauf@trivago.com 40
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    WebPerf is equal but not superior to the main features

    of a website & can be temporarily traded in for learnings. Tobias Baldauf - @tbaldauf - tobias.baldauf@trivago.com 41