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DIR Cooperative Contracts Overview

DIR Cooperative Contracts Overview

Texas Department of Information Resources

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  1. DIR Cooperative Contracts Overview May 7, 2019

  2. DIR Purpose and Program Areas The Texas Department of Information

    Resources (DIR) provides technology leadership, solutions, and value to Texas state government, education, and local government entities to facilitate the fulfillment of their core missions. DIR fulfills its mission through: Adopting statewide technology rules and standards that contribute to effective enterprise management of technology resources Effective planning, implementation and management of statewide technology infrastructure that supports agencies’ business operations Pooling the purchasing power of government and leveraging it to drive down costs and add value to information technology (IT) purchases for state government entities 5/7/2019
  3. Who Are Eligible DIR Customers? • Texas State Entities (183)

    • State Agencies (113) includes 15 courts • State Institutions of Higher Education (70) • Local Government (6200+) • Cities (1216) • Counties (254) • Public School Districts (1217) • Municipalities (1214) • Junior College District (50) • Special Purpose Districts (2300+) • Texas State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Ed (183) • Other Organizations (As defined by specific statutes) • Assistance Organizations • Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) • Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) • Private Schools • Private or Independent Institutions of Higher Education • Volunteer Fire Department • Public entities outside Texas • Public Safety Entities • Hospitals Quantities noted are derived from multiple sources and listed for general purposes only. DIR serves the following types of organizations. Specific programs/offerings available to each segment vary. 5/7/2019
  4. Leverage “Known” volume for additional statewide price discounts “Outsource” -

    Infrastructure - Telecommunications - Application Services - Security Services - Texas.gov - Open Data Portal “Do it Yourself IT” Pre-negotiated master contracts for technology goods and services - IT Strategic Planning - Enterprise Solution Services - Strategic Sourcing Policy & Planning Cooperative Contracts Bulk Purchasing Shared Technology Services DIR Overview 5/7/2019
  5. Cooperative Contracts Program Hardware Software Technology Training Technology Services IT

    Staffing DBITS Bulk Purchase SOW & Exemptions Review 10/29/19 5
  6. Cooperative Contracts (Co-op) Shared Technology Services (STS) Eligible Customers Outsourced

    Managed Services where DIR manages the Service Providers “Do it Yourself IT” pre-negotiated master contracts for IT goods and services “Do it yourself” or Outsource 5/7/2019
  7. Cooperative Contracts Benefits Create Savings • Leverage the state’s buying

    power to lower prices • Contain best value • Bulk Purchase Initiative Streamlines Purchasing Process •Reduces purchasing and contract cycle time •Reduces duplicate efforts •Access to Historically Underutilized Businesses Benefits for Vendors • Simplifies sales process for vendors • Access to public entities • Approximately $1.8 Billion in sales per year 5/7/2019
  8. DIR Cooperative Contracts FY 19 10/29/19 8 FY 19 =

    $2.045B State Agencies, $455.48 , 22.3% K-12, $645.82 , 31.6% Higher Ed, $347.32 , 17.0% Local Govt, $556.54 , 27.2% Assistance Orgs, $3.22 , 0.2% Out of State, $36.91 , 1.8% FY 19 SALES BY CHANNEL
  9. Up to $50,000 May directly award contract to DIR Cooperative

    Contracts vendor(s) or reseller(s) Over $50,000 but not exceeding $1 million Must submit request for pricing to at least three (3) DIR vendors or resellers Over $1 million but not exceeding $5 million Must submit request for pricing to at least six (6) DIR vendors or resellers exceeds $5 million May not enter into a contract through the DIR cooperative contracts program to purchase a commodity item Threshold Requirements INITIAL CONTRACT VALUE 5/7/2019
  10. • Computers • Software • Networking Equipment • Printers &

    Copiers • Surveillance Cameras • Data Storage • Digital Photography • Accessibility Products • Projectors • Security Products • Videoconferencing Equipment • Classroom Interactive Products • Body Cameras • Drones • Disaster Recovery Products Cooperative Contracts Products 5/7/2019
  11. • IT Staffing Services • Technology Based Training • End-User

    IT Outsourcing (Seat Management) • Managed Document Output • Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS) • IT Security Services • Comprehensive Web Development • Cloud Managed Services • Cabling Services • Telecommunications Services: • Wireless Voice and Data • Pagers • Internet • Video • Audio Conferencing • Cable Modem and DSL • Interpreter Services – over the phone Cooperative Contracts Services 5/7/2019
  12. IT Staffing • Developer Analyst • Developer • Software Test

    Analyst • Technical Writer • Business Analyst • System Analyst • Database Architect • Data Warehouse Architect • Database Administrator • Enterprise Architect • Project Manager • Project Lead • Network Engineer • Network Administrator • Help Desk • Technical Support • OCM Analyst • IT Communication Coordinator • IT End User Trainer • IT Contract Manager Information Technology Staffing Augmentation Contracts (ITSAC) provide for temporary IT Staffing services. Categories include: 5/7/2019
  13. Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS) • Application Development • Application

    Maintenance and Support • Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) • Information Technology Assessments and Planning • Project Management • Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation • IT Procurement Assistance DBITS contracts provide deliverables-based, outsourced systems integration or application development projects 5/7/2019
  14. Cooperative Contract Documents • Common Elements o Contract Document o

    Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions o Appendix B HUB Subcontracting Plan o Appendix C Pricing Index (DBITS: Statement of Work) • Additional Appendices (as needed) Examples o Appendix D Service Agreement o Appendix E Master Operating Lease Agreement o Appendix F Statement of Work • Amendments Use the contract page as your resource to download all contract documents. 10/29/19 14
  15. Key Contract Document Provisions • Order of Precedence § Amendments

    In the event of conflict among the provisions, the order of precedence shall be this Amendment Number 4, then Amendment Number 3, then Amendment Number 2, then Amendment Number 1 and then the Contract. • Contract Term • Software License and Service Agreements • Shrink/Click-wrap License Agreement • Authorized Exceptions to the Contract (the last paragraph before the signature) 10/29/19 15
  16. Appendix A: DIR Terms and Conditions o Survival Clause –

    Life beyond the contract o Use of Order Fulfillers – Authorized resellers o Termination Clause – Termination for Cause o Performance Meetings – Corrective Action Plan 10/29/19 16 Appendix A includes terms and conditions that govern the conduct of DIR and Vendor during the term of the Contract .
  17. • Purchase Order Term • Acceptance Criteria • Invoices •

    Payment • DIR Contract Number • Audited Financial Statements • Security Requirements • Confidentiality • Insurance • CJIS • HIPAA • FERPA Customer Specific - Terms and Conditions Beyond DIR Terms and Conditions 5/7/2019
  18. Good to Know • Term of your Engagement ü Customers

    purchase/agreement survives DIR Contract, as long as it was arranged before DIR Contract Expires ü Be aware of any areas where Vendor seeks to vary from DIR terms; can always enhance Customer’s terms but not diminish or conflict with DIR contract terms ü DIR contract terms generally have priority over almost all vendor documents (note exception for third party license agreements) 5/7/2019
  19. Cooperative Contracts SOW Review Statement of Work Review Under TAC

    212, state agencies are required to submit SOWs to DIR for approval prior to solicitation and prior to contract award for SOWs over $50,000. Services Requiring SOW review include but not limited to: • Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services (DBITS) • End-User IT Outsourcing Services • IT Security Services • Cloud Services (when an SOW is executed) • Comprehensive Web Development • Complex services such as software or hardware customizations, integration, or overall project solutions • ***Sometimes = Document Imaging; GIS 5/7/2019
  20. EIR Accessibility in Coop Contracts DIR’s role • Ensure that

    • EIR accessibility language and documentation requirements are integrated into RFO templates and final contracts • Accessibility documentation is included in vendor submissions and reviewed in the RFO process • Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) • Policy Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA ) Vendor Self Assessment • Other as specified • Accessibility documentation (VPATs) should be available from the vendor’s DIR contract web page (once awarded) * 10/29/19 20
  21. EIR Accessibility in Coop Contracts Procuring agency’s role • Ensure

    that agencies understand their responsibilities when using DIR Contracts • Boilerplate language in “Contract Overview” section of every DIR contract page: • Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility • Information regarding Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) accessibility of this vendor’s offerings is included in the contract. Agencies purchasing products or services are responsible for complying with Texas EIR Accessibility statute and rules, as defined in TGC 2054 Subchapter M, 1TAC 206, and 1 TAC 213. For additional information, visit the Vendor Website or contact the vendor directly. • Obtain documentation from vendors that supports the accuracy of accessibility claimed in VPATs or development services • Perform assessments to validate vendor documentation as needed on the accessibility of products and services being procured PRIOR to procurement • File exceptions through their agency exceptions processes for noncompliant products / services 10/29/19 21
  22. EIR Resources • EIR Accessibility Procurement Information and forms: http://dir.texas.gov/View-

    Resources/Pages/Content.aspx?id=39#Procurement • Vendor Accessibility Information Request http://dir.texas.gov/View-Resources/Pages/Content.aspx?id=48 10/29/19 22 Jeff Kline Statewide Accessibility Coordinator statewideaccessibilitycoordinator@dir.texas.gov (512) 463-3248
  23. Visit the DIR website at www.dir.texas.gov Join us at DIR-hosted

    educational events Conferences • Information Security Forum (Spring) – 4/23-24/2019 • Texas Government Data Forum (June) – 6/27/2019 • DIR Technology Forum (October) – 10/3 or 10/10 • E-Records Conference (November) – 11/15/2019 • DIR Connect Technology Expo (Spring/Even Years) 2020 TBA Briefings, Webinars, Workshops • Posted on DIR CALENDAR and mailing lists Sign up for discussion/announcement lists Click STAY CONNECTED in lower left corner of Home or Calendar page Learn More 5/7/2019
  24. Questions / Discussion 5/7/2019