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2023 台灣海洋國際青年論壇 -Prince Wang and his happy friends

2023 台灣海洋國際青年論壇 -Prince Wang and his happy friends

Hello everyone, we are Prince Wang and his happy friends.(王爺與祂的快樂小夥伴)
And this time our goal is to promote the local culture of Donggang by combining the Wangye Festival with a marine cleanup activity.
We hope to promote cultural awareness and integrate ocean conservation into the local community.
Our slogan is: "Here Prince Wang comes, the ocean will be clean from now on!"

When we talk about Donggang, what do you think of?
Maybe Bluefin tuna or tourism go to Lambai Xiao Liuqiu Island
All of the above, I will mention later

And today I’m talking about a special Ceremony in Donggang.
Which is triennially. It is called “Burning of the King Boat”.

During that Ceremony all the people in the town will participate.
We'll make a big wooden boat and people will carry it and sail it around town for a week. And on the last day, the boat will be burned on the beach.
which means that the gods already take away the evil spirits.

Driving through my very own community and seeing the dozens of plastic bags lying limply on the street and on the beach. This really bums me out.

We often hear people say Taiwan is an Ocean nation. The place where we live is surrounded by the ocean.
And you know what? Ocean pollution is happening.
Nothing is going to fix the masses of plastics polluting my hometown, even the world unless we take the step.
As a Taiwanese, especially as a student trained for higher education.
We always wondered why there are so many Ocean conservation solutions in the world. How to do something different and What can we really do about Ocean conservation!
Then on a casual day, our team member came across a saying: "The more local, the more international!
The team members decided to combine the local Ceremony with ocean conservation actions, this is how our proposal was born.


June 01, 2023

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