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Zero-Knowledge Proof

Zero-Knowledge Proof

Explanation about zero-knowledge proof how it works and some live demos



October 01, 2018

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  1. Blockchain Trainer

  2. Zero Knowledge Proof Proof that you know some secret without

    actually revealing it!
  3. Blockchain Trainer /Thedi /ghkgk www.Nikolaytech.com

  4. ZkP Properties Completeness Soundness Zero-knowledgeness Prover can convince the verifier

    about any true statement Prover cannot convince the verifier about a false statement Verifier doesn’t learn anything other than the fact that the statement is true
  5. Zero-Knowledge Proof Example

  6. Zero-Knowledge Proof Example

  7. Zero-Knowledge Proof Example

  8. Zero-Knowledge Proof Example

  9. Completeness Soundness Zero-knowledgeness If Google is telling the truth, then

    they will eventually convince me (at least with high probability) Google can only convince me if they’re actually telling the truth I don’t learn anything else about Google’s solution ZkP Properties
  10. Live Website

  11. Interactive Zero-knowledge Sequence of

  12. Non-Interactive Zero-knowledge

  13. Interactive Zero-knowledge Non-Interactive Zero-knowledge

  14. zk-SNARKs Succinctness Non-interactivity Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-interactive Argument of Knowledge.

  15. 15 ZK in Blockchain Key Generator Secret Param Program Proving

    Key Verification Key Proof Generator Public Input Prover Secret Proof Verification Public Input True False Toxic Waste
  16. zk-SNARKs Zcash Explorer

  17. Live

  18. Scaling Ethereum ~24x for ETH transactions ~50x for ERC20 transfers

  19. None
  20. BTC SNARK Relay

  21. Resources ZoKrates Example: https://github.com/JacobEberhardt/ZoKrates ZoKrates Tutorial: https://medium.com/extropy-io/zokrates-tutorial-with- truffle-41135a3fb754 Scaling Ethereum:

    https://ethresear.ch/t/on-chain-scaling-to-potentially- 500-tx-sec-through-mass-tx-validation/3477 Plasma Snarks: https://www.ethnews.com/vitalik-buterin-weighs-in-on- snarks-for-layer-2 BTCSNarkRelay: https://github.com/BromleyLabs/BTCSnarkRelay
  22. Thanks! Any questions? Find me @ Nikolay Angelov /ghkgk /Thedi