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Giving Day Strategies 2019

Giving Day Strategies 2019


The Spark Mill

January 16, 2019


  1. Giving Day Strategies

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  3. The Team Board Staff Committee

  4. Why participate?

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  6. 1. Test your website http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ 2. E-Newsletter Metrics 3. Donation

    Page Checklist • Donate Button on Homepage • 1 click from homepage • Monthly giving option • Branded Page • Easy directions
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  8. Live trends https://www.philanthropy.com/i nteractives/online-giving- dashboard

  9. Millenialsare more generous than you think

  10. Giving by Seniors

  11. Benchmarks • For every 1000 visits to web, $612 raised

    • 7.2% of web visitors become donors • Average one time online gift $104 • Average monthly gift, $23 • Average email open rate 15% • Fundraising page completion rate 13% • Average tweets per day 5 • Average facebook posts per day 1.1 • 15-20% of annual donations come during December
  12. https://www.blackbaudhq.com/corpmar/cg r/how-nonprofit-fundraising-performed-in- 2014.pdf

  13. None
  14. Where people give

  15. Optimize your website for online giving • Mobile Optimization •

    Revamp your About Us page, pictures, bios • Tell stories, don’t write books • Your premium spot is your website, above the fold • Link to 990s • Don’t add other links • Keep choices simple
  16. Online Giving by Email

  17. Communication

  18. “Storytelling is as old as the campfire, and as young

    as a tweet. What moves people is someone who is credible. People can see straight through storytelling that is false, staged or cynical. It has to come from the heart, not just the head.” Richard Branson
  19. Blog Pinterest LinkedIn Youtube/Vimeo Instagram Facebook Twitter

  20. Shift from numbers to People

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  22. Charity: Water

  23. What’s New?

  24. Rule Changes and Trends • Content, Content, Content, Content •

    Less Free Message Delivery • Paid Ads • Video • Animations • Facebook Groups and Messenger • Quality over Quantity • Stories
  25. Rise of influencer and subject matter expert content

  26. Video

  27. four times as many people would rather watch a video

    about a product or service than read about it. https://animoto.com/blog/business/video-marketing-cheat-sheet-infographic/?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=389818&utm_content=915189&c3 ch=SAS&c3nid=389818?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=389818&utm_content=915189&c3ch=SAS&c3nid=389818
  28. Make videos • Use what you have • Prepare ahead

    of time • Keep it short • Choose your words carefully • Include a call to action • Choose good music • Animoto, stupeflix, moovly • Splice, jamendo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szpN6nn2sMo
  29. Case study: character story • https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=25&v=tU5 Rnd-HM6A

  30. Essential tools • Lavalier Lapel Microphone http://ow.ly/Fr Dj30jcu0g • CamKix

    Camera Shutter Remote http://ow.ly/i5zi30j cu3O • Arkon Mini Tripod w/ Phone Mount http://ow.ly/YBXZ30 jcu6Y • The total package costs - $53)
  31. Animations The Spark Mill Blog Post

  32. The statistics • 74% of web traffic in 2017 came

    from video • 85% of videos watched on Facebook are watched without sound
  33. Storyboarding

  34. Do Now!

  35. Online Fundraising Development Storytelling Technology

  36. None
  37. Set up an e-newsletter

  38. E-Newsletters • Dependable rhythm and content • Clean, simple, measured

    • Short • Segmented groups • All based on storytelling • Circular links
  39. • Created with SEO in mind • Alive, with new

    content • Mobile, mobile, mobile • Embedded photographs with key words
  40. Before give day • Plan • Create content • Stage

    and train ambassadors • Develop your success metrics • Review your giving prowess
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  42. How much time are you planning to spend? • 5-10

    hours • 10-15 hours • 15-20 hour • 20-30 hours • More than 30 hours
  43. How much time are you planning to spend? 20-30 hours

  44. Staff planning Task Category Staff Member Name Key Responsibilities Time

    Intensiveness Manage Internal GIving Day team Management Make final decisions about the Giving Day, assign tasks, hold team accountable and on schedule, add tasks as needed Medium Coordinate staff and volunteer training Management Organize and run trainings for internal staff so they understand how to field questions from donors and constituents in advance of and on Giving Day. Medium Oversee technical coordination Technical Learn the Razoo platform and ensure nonprofit profile is appropriately reflected, troubleshoot any technical problems, serve as main point-of- contact for any technical issues that arise during planning and day of Light Develop outreach to donors Donor Support Develop outreach materials (online and off) to reach current and new donors. Materials should explain the Giving Day, encourage them to participate, make it easy for them to take action - using all forms of outreach: website, email, blog, newsletter, fliers, etc. Heavy Respond to inquiries from donors Donor Support Respond quickly and clearly to questions from donors before and on the giving day Medium Develop overall communications strategy Communications Create giving day communications plan and develop key messaging for use in all media channels Medium Conduct outreach to the media Communications Contact local media about participation in giving day, prepare materials for media use, and generate media attention through op-eds, videos, events, PSAs, etc. Heavy Respond to inquiries from the media Communications Respond quickly and clearly to questions from the media about nonprofits involvement in Giving Day Medium Manage social media Communications Regularly promote the Giving Dayand nonprofits participation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels Light Manage print and online communications Communications Write and coordinate communications through email, website, blog, newsletter, brochures, and other channels Light Staffing Plan Template -For Nonprofits
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  47. Bad design

  48. Making graphics: canva

  49. None
  50. None
  51. Why create and find champions 1. The power of a

    testimonial will outperform anything you create. 2. Champions can open doors faster than you can. 3. It isn’t marketing, its genuine.
  52. So why do people share things? http://nytmarketing.whsites.net/mediakit/pos/

  53. None
  54. The magical unicorn of the share • EMOTIVE CONTENT •

    Amusing • Inspiring • Cute • Shocking • Anger • Controversy
  55. Where are they? • Your email newsletter – who is

    clicking and opening? • Twitter – who is engaging? • Facebook – who is engaging? • Staff, board, volunteers, donors • Online donors
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  57. See our post? What can you do to help? 1.

    Click like. 2. Better yet, comment. 3. Even better, click the share button! 4. The best, share this link (www.blahblah.com) on your page and challenge your friends to participate.
  58. Give them tools

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  60. Do During

  61. During • Execute plan • Make sharable content • Pamper

    your ambassadors • Say thank you • Rally around prizes
  62. None
  63. Everyone has a role • Receptionist/Phone • FAQ • Donor

    Support • Technical questions • Tell them when you win a prize • Volunteers • Board Members
  64. Giving Tuesday Case Studies 2018 Case Studies https://www.givingtuesday.org/sites/default/files/2018- 05/%23GivingTuesday%202018%20Case%20Studies.pdf

  65. Facebook newsfeed • Newsfeed is no longer filled with status

  66. To ad or not to ad

  67. Keep up the momentum

  68. Facebook Live

  69. Tips • Notify people you are going online ahead of

    time • Have a battery back-up and a strong connection • Strong text • Respond live! • 35 great ideas • https://www.johnhaydon.com/facebook-live-ideas-show-impact- nonprofit/
  70. Case study: breaking news http://thesparkmill.com/blog/2017/3/21/what-might-happen-to- philanthropic-giving-over-the-next-year-thoughts-on-the-impact- of-federal-budget-cuts

  71. Types of content • Hot Topics/Current Events/Breaking News • Interviews

    • Demo • Behind the Scenes • Performances
  72. Do After

  73. Thank you notes and tips • Follow up via social

    media that day • Optimize your office to respond with mail within 48 hours • Schedule a thank-a-thon within 1 month • Send them a non-solicitation within 1 month • Link your thank you to your story
  74. Awesome resource http://www.knightfounda tion.org/media/uploads/p ublication_pdfs/GivingD ayPlaybook.pdf

  75. Recap, Questions

  76. GIVING DAYS http://www.pinterest.com/thesparkmill/giving-day-strategies/

  77. More Info?