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The State of the League (2019)

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August 24, 2019

The State of the League (2019)

These are the slides that I presented during the keynote address of MLH Hackcon VII.

This is going to be a HUGE year for hackers. Join me as I walk through everything the MLH community has achieved in the last year and lay the path forward for all we can achieve together in the coming one. This annual address serves as Major League Hacking's B-Corp Impact Report.



August 24, 2019


  1. State of the League August 2019

  2. They call me Swift • CEO & Co-Founder of Major

    League Hacking (MLH). • Aspiring lawyer who became a hacker instead. • Empowering hackers for 10 years now. swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne
  3. None
  4. High School. My story started in

  5. New Job. I needed to find a

  6. There must have been a Mistake

  7. Embarrassed Talking about my job made me feel

  8. What is a hackathon?

  9. anything like it. I’d never experienced

  10. Lawyer I want to be a Hacker

  11. Ch-ch-changes

  12. 1,000+ Events Organized

  13. 3,000+ Organizers Strong

  14. 90,000+ Hackers Empowered

  15. of all the developers in the United States. 10%

  16. have never attended a hackathon before. 50%

  17. Big & Strong. Want your communities to be both

  18. Anuhya Challagundla The University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  19. Doctor Anuhya wanted to be a Designer Pilot Hacker

  20. when she started using her skills on personal projects Anuhya

    started to love coding
  21. Anuhya was inspired by the community. It was nothing like

    what she expected!
  22. How hard could organizing a hackathon really be? Well, Anuhya

    found out the hard way!
  23. None
  24. What is a Coach?

  25. Fireside

  26. None
  27. Always Be Cultivating

  28. Have no idea what they’ll build. 86%

  29. $17,000+ Hardware Software Prizes Swag in benefits for your event

  30. every second counts. At a hackathon,

  31. Hackathon Starter Kits MLH & GitHub powered hack.mlh.io/learn Get Started:

  32. A mentor is just a away. Powered by

  33. of mentors resolved the issue. 95%

  34. mentors.mlh.io Sign up today: The Mentor Matcher is out of

  35. Ducky the Debugger Meet your 2020 Season Mascot

  36. Rubber Duck Debugging Ducky was inspired by

  37. Working with easier ever before. than MLH is ever


  39. + Zach Latta & Linus Lee Founder, Hack Club Product,

    Hack Club
  40. + It’s still too hard to start and grow a

    great hackathon.
  41. + Hack Club Bank

  42. + Fully managed bank account Invoices, Taxes, Cards 501(c)(3) non-profit

  43. + Spectra +

  44. + hack.af/bank discounted rate until Sept 1st

  45. +

  46. Athul Blesson Adi Shankara Inst. of Engineering & Tech

  47. Athul taught himself to code. But it was difficult &

  48. That’s when Athul heard about Hack Club

  49. None
  50. + =

  51. None
  52. None
  53. 10,000+ Hackers Empowered

  54. He wanted every hacker to have a community like his.

    That wasn’t enough for Athul.
  55. None
  56. Important Weekend of the year. For our community, Hackcon is

    the most
  57. Hackcon Digital October 5th & 6th, 2019

  58. great organizers everywhere. There are

  59. MLH is coming to Asia-Pacific. This Fall,

  60. Joe Nash Former MLHer & GitHubber

  61. None
  62. Christopher Gu & Luis Ocampo Missouri University of Science &

  63. Doctor I want to be a Hacker

  64. didn’t know the first thing about organizing hackathons. Chris &

  65. The MLH Hackathon Organizer Guide. Read & contribute: guide.mlh.io

  66. Peer Groups Virtual meetups for the MLH organizer community.

  67. Aren’t you from Peer Groups?

  68. None
  69. None
  70. a strong network of hackathons & clubs across the midwest.

    Chris & Luis want to build
  71. strong network to support them. Chris & Luis built a

  72. 100+ Peer Groups

  73. Community Experts. Meet your brand new

  74. Peer Groups do have a problem.

  75. community.mlh.io Sign up today: Digital Organizer Community

  76. Sharing knowledge Growing their network Recruiting new leaders

  77. Charmaine Lee The University of British Columbia

  78. learn, build, & share. Charmaine wanted to

  79. everyone she knew. Charmaine shared hackathons with

  80. too damn high. The barrier to entry was

  81. None
  82. Charmaine’s community fizzled out. With nothing to do,

  83. None
  84. None
  85. 500+ Workshops Hosted

  86. 30x Workshops & many more!

  87. None
  88. October 12th, 2019 LEARN

  89. 30 Localhost Modules 3 Local Hack Days APAC League 100’s

    of Peer Groups Digital Community Live + Digital Hackcon There’s a lot to do
  90. hackp.ac/communities Sign up today: Official Hacker Communities

  91. Snacks & Drinks! AND you’ll get a budget for hackp.ac/communities

    Sign up today:
  92. Thanks for being you!

  93. Thanks, I’m Swift swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne

  94. None