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Learn leadership from the Navy Seals

February 06, 2020

Learn leadership from the Navy Seals

Talk based on the book Extreme Ownership


February 06, 2020

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  1. @yot88 Jocko Willink Leif Babin “Share with us the leadership

    concepts they have seen work time and again, both in combat and in business.”
  2. @yot88 A word on the book structure 12 principles based

    on their seals experiences A description of a lived situation during their Navy Seals time (on the battlefield or during training) The explanation of the principle they illustrated with the situation An example of business application of the principle
  3. @yot88 “There is no one else to blame. The leader

    must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them.” Principle 1 : Extreme ownership @yot88
  4. @yot88 Principle 1 : Extreme ownership “Leader’s ownership” “Subordinates ownership”

    When subordinates are not doing what they should, the leaders need first look in the mirror. Leaders have to take the full responsibility for : • Explaining the strategic mission • Developing the tactics • Explaining the strategic mission • Securing the training and resources to enable the team to properly and successfully execute Do not understand something : Take responsibility and ask superiors for explanations rather than say it wasn’t properly explained from the beginning.
  5. @yot88 “When a team is malfunctioning, there is no point

    in blaming the people in it. One must always look to the leader’s abilities.” Principle 2 : No bad teams, only bad leaders @yot88
  6. @yot88 “The leader must explain not just what to do,

    but why. Once again it is the responsibility of the subordinate leader to reach out and ask if they do not understand.” Principle 3 : Believe @yot88
  7. @yot88 Principle 4 : Check the ego “Beware ego :

    when personal agendas become more important than the team, performance suffers, and failure ensues.”
  8. @yot88 Principle 5 : Cover and move “Help each other,

    work together, and support each other to win.” @yot88
  9. @yot88 Principle 6 : Simple “Simplifying as much as possible

    is crucial to success. When plans and orders are too complicated, people may not understand them.” @yot88
  10. Principle 7 : Prioritize and execute “A leader must remain

    calm and make the best decisions possible. To do so, SEAL leaders utilize Prioritize and Execute.” @yot88
  11. Principle 8: Decentralized Command “They are authorized and able to

    make their own decisions. The prerequisite to it is to have a clear chain of command otherwise you cannot have empowered leadership.” @yot88
  12. Principle 9 : Plan “Leaders must delegate the planning process

    down the chain as much as possible to key subordinate leaders.” @yot88
  13. Principle 10 : Leading Up and Down the Chain of

    Command “Within this trust and transparency climate SEALs don’t ask their leader what they should do, they only tell them what they are going to do.” @yot88
  14. Principle 11 : Act Decisively “The picture is never complete,

    everything can not be checked or controlled. Leaders must be comfortable with this and be able to make decisions promptly, then be ready to adjust those decisions quickly based on evolving situations and new information.” @yot88
  15. Principle 12 : Discipline Equals Freedom “Discipline and freedom are

    opposing forces that must be balanced. From our civilian point of view discipline makes people more rigid, and unable to improvise but in this context, it makes them more flexible, more adaptable, and more efficient. It allowed them to be creative.” @yot88
  16. @yot88 Jocko Willink LEARN TO LEAD “The leadership strategies and

    tactics in this book are to be used not so YOU can be successful; these strategies and tactics are to be used not so THE TEAM can be successful”
  17. @yot88 Leadership strategies Detach (detach mentally from the problem) Arrogance

    & humility The power of relationships : basis of all good leadership Leaders are born or made ? Leaders tell the truth Study (constantly improving & learning) Earning influence & respect
  18. @yot88 Leadership strategies Don’t overreact (not in control ?) Self

    discipline Pride Giving orders No Yes-men The exception to no Bad teams, only Bad leaders
  19. @yot88 Be humble Don’t act like you know everything Listen

    Treat people with respect Take ownership Pass credit Work hard Have integrity Be balanced Be decisive Build relationships Lastly, get the job done How to succeed as a new leader
  20. How to succeed as a leader Don’t act like you

    know everything relationships Listen Build relationships Behavior Take ownership get the job done Pass credit Self being Be humble Have integrity Work hard Be Balanced Be decisive @yot88 It is an honor to be in a leadership position. Your team is counting on you to make the right decisions You don’t. The team knows that. Ask smart questions. Ask for advice and heed it. Do what you say; say what you do. Don’t lie up or down the chain of command. Extreme actions and opinions are usually not good. When it is time to make a decision, make one. As the leader you should be working harder than anyone else on the team. No job is beneath you. Your main goal as a leader. A team is a group of people who have relationships & trust one another. The purpose of a leader : lead a team in accomplishing a mission Of failures and mistakes TREAT PEOPLE WITHRESPECT Take care of your people and they will take care of you. Pass credit for success up and down the chain.
  21. How to succeed as a leader Don’t act like you

    know everything relationships Listen Build relationships Behavior Take ownership get the job done Pass credit Self being Be humble Have integrity Work hard Be Balanced Be decisive From 0 to 5 : 5 – I apply it daily without any effort 0 – The opposite Legend @yot88 TREAT PEOPLE WITHRESPECT
  22. @yot88 Using LEADERSHIP to teach & build Fixing a negative

    attitude Teaching humility (re)Building confidence Building high-level team players

    @yot88 "A good leader has nothing to prove, but everything to prove."