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OpenSource PaaS

Tobias Brunner
September 09, 2015

OpenSource PaaS

An overview of available and actively maintained OpenSource PaaS software

Tobias Brunner

September 09, 2015

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  1. Open Source PaaS
    using Docker
    A short overview

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  2. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 2

    VSHN? Or: How do I spell that?

    PaaS in 2015


    Open Source Projects overview
    – Dokku, Deis, Tsuru, Flynn, Apache Stratos, OpenShift
    v3, Cloud Foundry

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  3. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 3

    Tobias Brunner aka tobru

    VSHNeer since the beginning of VSHN

    Open Source fan

    Blog: https://tobrunet.ch

    Twitter: @tobruzh

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  4. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 4
    Company Profle | v ʒ |
    ˈ ɪ nn

    Owner-operated Swiss company

    12 employees at the head office in Zurich

    Service provider for DevOps, software delivery
    automation and confguration management

    Partner for operations/hosting of web applications

    Further specialty felds: Consulting, System Engineering,
    Continuous Delivery, Monitoring, Backup, 24/7 Support

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  5. 09/08/2015 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 5
    Software Delivery Automation

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  6. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 6
    PaaS in 2015

    Push to deploy

    – Building
    – Testing
    – Releasing
    – Monitoring
    – Feedback
    – (Scaling)

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  7. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 7
    PaaS in 2015

    At the moment: Docker most used backing tool

    Shared concepts:
    – Push to deploy (f.e. git push)
    – Docker
    – Builds container matching app language
    – Automatic deployment

    Twelve-Factor App (http://12factor.net/ )


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  8. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 8

    Invention of Heroku

    Foundation of many Open Source PaaS implementations

    Defnes how to build up the stack

    Not limited to one language

    Autodetection of application language

    Many open buildpacks available

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  9. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 9
    Tool 1: Dokku

    Written in Bash (~200 Lines)

    Builds on Heroku Buildpacks

    Single host

    Many plug-ins

    Easy to get up and running
    $ cd node-js-sample
    $ git remote add dokku [email protected]:node-js-app
    $ git push dokku master
    Counting objects: 296, done.
    Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
    Compressing objects: 100% (254/254), done.
    Writing objects: 100% (296/296), 193.59 KiB,
    Total 296 (delta 25), reused 276 (delta 13)
    -----> Building node-js-app ...
    Node.js app detected
    -----> Resolving engine versions
    ... blah blah blah ...
    -----> Application deployed:

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  10. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 10
    Tool 2: Deis

    Docker, CoreOS, Ceph

    Builds on Heroku Buildpacks

    Twelve-Factor App needed

    Supported languages: Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Clojure,
    Scala, Play, PHP, Perl, Dart and Go.

    At least 3 servers needed

    Many components involved: Controller, Database, Cache,
    Builder, Registry, Logspout, Logger, Publisher, Router, Store.

    Scheduler: Fleet. Previews: Kubernetes, Mesos with
    Marathon, Swarm

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  11. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 11
    Tool 2: Deis

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  12. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 12
    Tool 3: Tsuru

    Supports any app language and even Buildpacks

    Single server possible, but also a cluster of servers
    – Can be any Docker host

    IaaS integration (manage VMs)

    Databases as services

    git push or tsuru app-deploy

    Components: tsurud, tsuru, tsuru-admin, crane, gandalf,
    registry, router

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  13. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 13
    Tool 4: Flynn

    Run anything, not just Twelve-Factor Apps

    PostgreSQL support included, others coming

    Buildpacks used

    One or more nodes

    Components: many / self invented
    – Layer 0 is a low-level resource framework inspired by the
    Google Omega paper. Layer 0 also includes service
    – Layer 1 is a set of higher level components that makes it
    easy to deploy and maintain applications and databases.

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  14. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 14
    Tool 5: Apache Stratos

    PaaS Framework

    True Multi-Tenancy

    Dynamic scaling, cloud bursting,
    IaaS integration

    Complex architecture

    Backed by Apache Foundation

    Uses so called cartridges

    Supports Kubernetes

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  15. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 15
    Tool 5: Apache Stratos

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  16. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 16
    Tool 6: OpenShift v3

    Enterprise and Origin (OpenSource), RedHat product

    Based on Kubernetes

    Simple running: Runs itself in a Docker container

    Automatic scaling

    Provides database services

    Helps in building the application (S2I)

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  17. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 17
    Tool 6: OpenShift v3

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  18. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 18
    Tool 7: Cloud Foundry

    Started at VMware, now owned by Pivotal Software

    Helps with full application lifecycle: dev, stage, prod, …

    Best used with Twelve-Factor Apps

    Many components: Cloud Controller, Elastic Runtime,
    Router, Authentication, Application Execution (DEA), Blob
    Store, Services, Operations BOSH, Logging and Statistics,

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  19. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 19
    Tool 7: Cloud Foundry

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  20. 09/08/15 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 20

    Many OpenSource PaaS available

    From simple (Dokku) to very complex (Apache Stratos)

    Getting started: Use Dokku

    Production Cluster: Chose between Deis or OpenShift v3

    Having fun: Tsuru, Flynn

    For freaking out: Apache Stratos or Cloud Foundry

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  21. 09/08/2015 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 21

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  22. 09/08/2015 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 22
    We're hiring
    Speak to: @tobruzh and @aarnoaukia

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