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May 15, 2019

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  1. I want to install old version’s XcodeGen on the CI

    system, such as Bitrise. I suggest you use another installation method like ~~, or using Mint. Mint?
  2. What’s Mint? • A tool for managing Swift command line

    developed based on SPM. • We can specify the version of tools used for each project. • We can install multiple versions and specify and run them.
  3. Conclusion • It is often not possible to update due

    to project reasons or company reasons. • Of course, I think it is ideal if there is sense of speed that can always respond to the latest version. • If not so, it would be better if there is a policy not to be shaken around the convenience of OSS. • Such as using, Mint or Bundler.
  4. In the end • We’re Hiring!!! -> Especially, Developer! •

    Firstly… Let’s have lunch together!