Lean User Research Workshop German UPA

3c0b492a599715b69b5ed1363a9c2c4f?s=47 Tomer Sharon
September 06, 2016

Lean User Research Workshop German UPA

The fast adoption of the Lean Startup management approach among startups, enterprises, and government agencies worldwide has brought to light new (and renewed) user research methods. These methods help answer burning questions people, teams, and organizations have about their customers. A key aspect of Lean User Research is that it creates a shared understanding among research stakeholders and that it provides fast, reliable results.

This workshop will introduce attendees to lean user research starting from understanding what it is, what it is good for, when to use and not use it, through quick, fun exercises that allow attendees to taste actual implementation of three techniques and methods: stating hypotheses, user observation, and Concierge MVP. Exercises involve group work, analysis and walkthrough of user observation videos, and developing a concept for a MVP.

Workshop outline

Introduction to Lean Startup
When to use Lean Research
Exercise 1: Assumptions and hypotheses
Exercise 2: Observing users
Exercise 3: Concierge MVP
Q&A and wrap up


Tomer Sharon

September 06, 2016