Facebook of note-taking

3c0b492a599715b69b5ed1363a9c2c4f?s=47 Tomer Sharon
October 31, 2015

Facebook of note-taking

“I think we need to get out of the building,” Will mused. “That might not be a bad idea,” she muttered. “We’ve spent the past four days straight trying to decide between native code, hybrid app, or really mobile friendly Web app. We’re crossing into obsession territory. I swear, I’m even dreaming note.io.” Dana rubbed her temples. “I’m not sleeping well.” “Hey, I’m not sleeping well either. But that’s not what I meant,” Will said. “I heard it at this meetup I went to a few days ago. Get Out of the Building. It means, you know, talking with users. Stuff like that.”

Will and Dana are startup founders who work on Note.io, a note-taking app that nobody needs. Chasing their dream takes them from struggle, despair, and anger to meeting a person that changes their perception, practice, and destiny. This keynote is their story.


Tomer Sharon

October 31, 2015