UX❤PM- 6 ways to ​learn better together

3c0b492a599715b69b5ed1363a9c2c4f?s=47 Tomer Sharon
February 02, 2016

UX❤PM- 6 ways to ​learn better together

Virtual Conference presented by Rosenfeld Media
Product Management + User Experience

UXers who practice user research and product managers have a lot in common. They both want to learn from users and customers and work hard toward developing successful products, features, or services. However, sometimes they may feel disconnected from each other, perceiving one another as too slow, fast, biased, academic, disorganized, vague, and what not. During this talk, Tomer will provide six practices - three for UXers, three for PMs - to work better together in researching users and their needs.


Tomer Sharon

February 02, 2016