@Design - A conversation (Rana Chakrabarti)

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October 25, 2013

@Design - A conversation (Rana Chakrabarti)

So what's a good way to spend 2 hours ? Here's a thought : First 90 minutes - take something old and familiar and re-design it. Next 30 minutes - be guided to reflect on the process, see well chosen videos, ask questions - especially the stupid ones. Here is the list of buzz words and a song that goes with it. We till try and demystify it. We will send you the playlist if we know who you are.
d.school - Back to School Again ( Grease, The Four Tops)
Design process - Round Round ( SugaBabe )
Design challenge - Ain't No Mountain High Enough ( Marvin Gaye ) Empathy - That Loving Feeling ( Righteous Brothers )
Insight - Ray of Light ( Madonna ), Listen To Your Heart ( Roxette ) Point of View - Hello (it is you I'm looking for) ( Lionel Richie ) Brainstorming - We Are Family ( Sister Sledge )
Constraints - Less is More ( Motel Connection )
Prototyping - Heaven Is A Place On Earth ( Belinda Carlisle ) Feedback - Listen ( Tears for Fears )
Time permitting we'll share some of our projects which follow the process. You'll find a primer from d.school attached. This is *not* the presentation.



October 25, 2013