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Heuristics for User Experience – A Tester’s Perspective (Parimala Hariprasad)

October 25, 2013

Heuristics for User Experience – A Tester’s Perspective (Parimala Hariprasad)

Testing for user experience is a challenge as its hard to measure what users like in a product/system/service. Solving this challenge involves creating a master user set, outcome of which throws light on man-machine interactions and it’s human side. How did I crack this challenge? Catch me at my talk


October 25, 2013

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  1. Parimala Hariprasad, UXINDIA13 Conference Presentation

  2. Parimala Hariprasad Master Shifu @ Moolya (Head of Academy &

    Startup Test Lab) Heuristics for User Experience A Tester's Perspective
  3. What is User Experience?  You go to a brand

    new restaurant where your favourite Sushi is served ◦ On a Dirty Plate! ◦ How does it feel?  You buy an expensive wedding suit ◦ You find a lizard trying out your suit before you do! ◦ How does it feel?
  4. Purpose First Impression Navigation Contactability Personalization User Experience

  5. Purpose

  6. First Impression

  7. Navigation

  8. Contactability

  9. Personalization

  10. UX Testing - My Journey

  11. Emotional Testing How much value would we add if emotions

    were given their due importance?

    OWNERS TO RESPOND TO MY REQUEST AND YOU ARE SENDING ME BULK BROKER RESPONSES.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support Experience Call / Email / SMS
  13. Five Seconds Test In five seconds, what can you tell

    about people or websites?
  14. Paper Prototyping

  15. • Scenarios Testing • Claims Testing Information Architecture • Emotional

    Testing • Support Experience (Call/Email/SMS) Interaction Design • User Survey • User Experience Report Usability Engineering • Five Seconds Test Visual Design • Paper Prototyping Prototype Engineering UX Competencies
  16. You cannot design the User Business Needs User Needs UX

    You *can* design for UX
  17. Don’t make your user feel like…

  18. Eggs or Tomatoes? Parimala@moolya.com Twitter : @CuriousTester *Image Credits :

    The Internet