UX14 - Building a Strategic UX Team (Sarah Bloomer)

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October 09, 2014

UX14 - Building a Strategic UX Team (Sarah Bloomer)

Assessing the strategic impact of a UX team isn’t a one size fits all. Your strategy needs to be determined by several factors including culture, UX maturity and your business. Culture, for example, heavily influences your potential impact. Are you engineering, marketing or design centric? Which business you are in will drive how to build internal influence, and UX maturity. Are you a software company, where UX impacts the end product, or an enterprise in which you’re building software to run your business? Are you designing applications or websites? Are you a team of one, or a team of many? Are you co-located or distributed?

This workshop is for UX team managers or UXers building a UX practice. We’ll explore the challenges different teams face by looking at these factors, the role of a UX capability maturity model and talk about the different approaches taken by existing teams. We’ll spend most of our time in discussion with short breakout activities. You’ll leave with a sense of how to assess your team together with tactics for achieving your goals.



October 09, 2014