UX14 - Commoditization Of UX Design (Mandar Bhedasgaonkar)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - Commoditization Of UX Design (Mandar Bhedasgaonkar)

As UX field has flourished and matured over the years, the UX practice saw a lot of changes. Standardization of elements and controls, streamlining and documentation of design process, integration of UX design into SDLC, emergence of number of training institutes offering UI design training, etc. This essentially brought in the commoditization of UX Design practice.
Commoditization brings in a lot of value as well as poses a lot of challenges. We need to be aware of this transformation and especially the challenges and possible mitigating tactics.
The most important advantage is that we don’t have to explain and convince the value of UX design anymore to the industry. That means the playing field is now very big and there is big opportunity. However there are a lot of challenges.
One of the most important challenges is that commoditization abolishes the premium. Reducing returns has associated problems
? Quality of work
? Quality of resources
? Trap of standardization
The processes that industry has so far developed may not be adequate to cope with these challenges. A mass production approach may be useful for developing UX processes for software design and development. The other challenges include stifling innovation and reskilling professionals.



October 10, 2014