UX14 - Is Big Data Killing Customer Experience? (Arun Jawarlal)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - Is Big Data Killing Customer Experience? (Arun Jawarlal)

In today's Big Data world, many technologies have been introduced to understand, analyze, slice and dice data. There also have been new genres of professionals supporting big data (Data Scientist). This raises some important questions - Are we (UX) doing enough to channelize Big data into Dashboard user experience? Are we helping Customers view data precisely? Is big data being converted into big visualizations and big dashboards rather than simple visualizations and Simple Dashboards? Are Users/Customers overwhelmed by the Big data?
There are so many questions lingering in the minds of people. We have a mammoth elephant in the living room and people are too scared to act. They choose to ignore the elephant rather than trying to deal with the problem.
We as User Experience professionals have always had a responsibility to raise questions on ROI (Return on Investment) of organizations. We have been paramount in saving millions of Dollars being squandered into IT where users have never been given key importance. We all have a new responsibility - Taming Big Data.
This concept proposes a 5 step process for Big Data UX and a new skill set for Big Data UX.



October 10, 2014