UX14 - The Book Surfer (Kiruthika Mani)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - The Book Surfer (Kiruthika Mani)

An endeavor to make the act of referring library books a lot easier.

Today, with the Web, students access information anytime, anywhere. They tend to surf the web for academic research. They pass over library books for quicker and easier results from the internet, thereby losing out on a lot of qualitative information.

This concept tries to introduce the act of ‘surfing’ into the context of a library. It attempts to ease the students’ mode of research. With this, the students would navigate a book’s content the way they would the web. The concept also tries to alleviate the isolated nature of library research by creating a digital bridge between readers of the same book.

This is achieved by creating another version of the book – an infographic version. Infographics clearly and succinctly communicate the essence of any notion/information. An infographic version of a book attempts the same – for the book. The library would contain infographic versions for each of their books. Students can surf through these and also contribute.

The result is a combination of the wealth of information from surfing and the depth of information from a book. There is also the advantage of this whole activity being communal.



October 10, 2014