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UXINDIA 2015-Customer Experience Strategy(Rashmi Sethi) by uxindia

October 31, 2015

UXINDIA 2015-Customer Experience Strategy(Rashmi Sethi) by uxindia

Difference between Customer Experience v/s User Experience.
Designing your Customer Experience Strategy.

In this session, She will…

Illustrate by citing examples on what is Customer Experience versus User Experience.
Talk about why Customer Experience is a key differentiator in today’s environment and how to design a Customer Experience Strategy.


October 31, 2015

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  1. 1

  2. Customer Experience Strategy  Difference between Customer Experience and User

    Experience.  Guiding principles on designing a Customer Experience Strategy.
  3. 3 Customer Experience v/s User Experience Example Scenarios  Online

    tax filing  Cab booking
  4. 4 Customer Experience v/s User Experience User Experience focuses on

    the ‘interactions’ a person has with the product or service. Customer Experience focuses on ALL the interactions a person has with the brand. UX CX It is a holistic seamlessly-connected (not disjoint) experience the customer has with the brand.
  5. 5 Customer Experience CX is about ‘cumulative’ experiences across all-

    channels and multiple touch-points over a period of time. In essence, it is the overall experience that determines whether an individual is likely to - become a (potential customer), - continues to stay as a (customer), - recommend others to become a customer (advocate)
  6. 6  Are “Users” and “Customers” not the same personas?

     Why do we need a Customer Experience Strategy?  How is it different from a brand strategy?
  7. 7 q1. Customer v/s User B2B (enterprise) context, • Customer

    helps with the buy-decision, • User actually uses the bought product. So here the ‘journeys’ will be different for ‘buyer’ (customer) and ‘user’. B2C context, it depends • Airline booking/travel. Customer = User • Parents making the decision to buying toys for kids. Parents (customer) and kids (users).
  8. 8 q2. Need for CX Strategy Customers are buying experiences

    delivered via the products and services (not just the products or services) Therefore, for brands to be successful in this highly competitive environment, the Customer Experience Strategy becomes a big differentiator!
  9. 9 q3. Strategy - Brand v/s CX Strategy is singular.

    There is only one strategy for a business. A successful brand shapes customers’ experiences by including the fundamental value proposition in its offerings’.  Apple does not sell computers or phones, they sell experiences. Their USP is being innovative; the WOW factor in design.  Disney World does not tell their customers that they sell theme park tickets or create animations. Instead, they say, they’re in the family entertainment business and sell their customers the total experience.  For BMW, “the Ultimate Driving Machine” is much more than just a slogan. It translates in the company’s manufacturing and design choices.
  10. 10 CX Strategy 5 Guiding principles to create customer experience

    strategy 1. Customer Experience Vision. 2. Understand your Customer 3. UX Design 4. Culture 5. Governance & Measurement
  11. 11 CX Strategy Customer Experience Vision Sound strategy starts with

    having the right goal. - Michael Porter Define the intended experience that your customer will have with your product or service. Examples: • Apple - innovation • Ikea – value warehouse /cost leader • B2B – not necessarily a wow – but trouble free
  12. 12 CX Strategy Understand your Customers A brand’s CX strategy

    is effective if it’s rooted in a clear understanding of - ‘who’ its customers are, - ‘how’ they’re interacting with the brand today, - ‘what’ they want and need in future Prioritization – Business/Customer segmentation Restaurant – BS: eat-in vs. drive-thru vs. carry-out. Cs: Price v/s convenience v/s entertainment. Key Journeys (segment-specific) Pain points (disjoint experiences) Competitive landscape (key differentiator)
  13. 13 CX Strategy UX Design Design is not just what

    it looks like and feels like. Design is “how it works” - Steve Jobs Apply best practices research & UXD Technology as enabler Design for key journeys across channels Test early/iterate
  14. 14 CX Strategy Culture - Create a design culture. Build

    customer-centricity into an organization’s DNA. Governance & Measurement - Checks & balances to ensure that all-channels multi-touch points experiences contribute to the overall customer experience strategy
  15. RASHMI SETHI [email protected]