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UXINDIA 2015- Designing for Digital Life (Satish Patil ) by uxindia

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October 29, 2015

UXINDIA 2015- Designing for Digital Life (Satish Patil ) by uxindia

Consumers today are surrounded by digital world around them. In any typical day user would experience numerous interfaces without even realizing, be it the Microwave they would use at kitchen or TV in living room, checking BP at home, using camera outdoors or just the panel in Elevator at office. Users consume technology through hundreds of these products in their daily lives. It’s our responsibility as UX Designers to build humane experiences for these ubiquitous products.



October 29, 2015

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  1. None
  2. Our Digital Lives Sa0sh Pa0l

  3. No.. I didn’t mean this

  4. Before we go ahead, Let’s be honest. How many of

    us can set this confidently?
  5. You always experienced But never felt explicitly

  6. Good Morning

  7. What’s the Mood? Select the “Mode”

  8. What’s cooking?

  9. Did we miss few ?

  10. On the way to office, delayed, Traffic Jam and conference

  11. BaRleground : Office

  12. It’s not only about going up or down anymore

  13. Desk phone It’ not only client and bosses that you

  14. All I needed was just coffee!

  15. Time to hit the Gym

  16. None
  17. Moto 360 I watch What’s your execuse?

  18. “Me” Time, Family Time

  19. How well do you know it?

  20. Felt ashamed in front of your Kid lately?

  21. It takes lot more than Photography skills

  22. Think Beethoven composing his symphony on one of these

  23. Let’s not forget these..

  24. Did you ever Imagine?

  25. The world Outside

  26. Remember “Press Here” buRon?

  27. Everything around is changing…and with reason.

  28. When did you count change last 0me?

  29. Scan, Weigh, Print, Pay

  30. Remember ge`ng frustrated last 0me?

  31. Hmmnn. ……. It’s heck of a digital Dope We are

    interfacing with countless number of digital products everyday in our life for virtually doing everything conceivable They are evolving slowly to provide as “organic” experience as possible, unique to the cause, unique for the form and unique in itself for how we experience it
  32. Let’s Zoom in

  33. Layout Contextual Mapping Informa0on Overdose Swea0ng Already?

  34. i l ' ......: , t I _! - I

    ! _ - ' .j ... . . . - - - .: ------- .... -- 1 -I J t l t - o o 0 0 0 0 • ' ) u .... -- 4 ,z'-- 1, 1 1 • ·. 1 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 \ • • • • .• fi I .
  35. Logical Grouping Limited Real Estate Tuned for Rotary control

  36. Extremely Simple Control : Need of the format Purely Liner

    work flow as acceptable compromise Carefully op0mized func0ons
  37. Simple enough to be used by Old people Big, Bold

    and Humane
  38. Remote Interac0on (No touch) Rec0linear and Hierarchical Informa0on Flow

  39. “Hands on wheel, Eyes on Road” Complex, Mul0-­‐Modal Efficiency Driven,

    Not indulgent Distributed
  40. Modes : Good Enough, S0ll…. Too complex for some Key

    is to mimic real world scenarios as intui0vely as possible
  41. What’s all the fuss about?

  42. Human-­‐Machine Interface (HMI) Human-­‐machine interface is a component of certain

    devices that are capable of handling human-­‐machine interac0ons The interface consists of hardware and sohware that allow user inputs to be translated as signals for machines that, in turn, provide the required result to the user Human-­‐machine interfaces help in integra0ncogckphitumans into complex technological systems.
  43. Human-­‐Machine Interface… This one too. Increasing evolving as Tangible Interfaces

  44. What’s different? • There may not be “Home” and nothing

    to go “Back” (Completely Different Mental Model) • Tangibility and Materiality of experience (different form factor, tac0lity of Controls, distributed nature ) • Integra>on of Physical and Logical World (Tangible /Physical result) • Whole Body Interac>on / Physicality of experience (Truly Mul0-­‐Modal Interac0on, Inputs and Outputs) • Opera>ng Environment / Context
  45. What will never change? Gestalt is Immortal Fundamental Principles of

    Design Anatomy
  46. Factors enabling it Hardware Technologies Moore’s Law Convergence of disciplines

    3-­‐D Gesture Controller
  47. Internet of Everything

  48. “Deeper Integra0on of Digital and Physical Experiences”

  49. “Micro-­‐Interac0ons”

  50. “Invisible Interac0ons” Automa0c headlamp

  51. “Tangible Interfaces” As we speak, significant experiments going on in

    “Tangible Interfaces” These are increasingly becoming more spa0al, collabora0ve Opening doors to new possibili0es in domains across automo0ve, Healthcare, Educa0on It’s maRer of 0me before it sips in our lives crea0ng new use cases and solving new problems
  52. Reference: hRp://www.cs.tuhs.edu/~jacob/workshop/papers/ishii.pdf User Interface Graphical User Interface Tangible User Interface

    It is and it will remain work in progress…..
  53. Thanks… BTW.. do you know what’s this;-­‐)