UXINDIA16- Building a great UX team The hiring experience (Pradeep Joseph ) by uxindia

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October 21, 2016

UXINDIA16- Building a great UX team The hiring experience (Pradeep Joseph ) by uxindia

The author has experience in building up UX team across multiple organizations. He is proposing to share some of the key aspects pertaining to building up a high performing UX team with a focus on the hiring of right talent. The talk intends to address some of the commonalities and peculiarities of designers which could have a bearing on hiring and creating a wonderful team.



October 21, 2016


  1. None
  2. Once upon a time…

  3. Build a Studio to create outstanding UX to products, services,

    processes and also spread the message of UX to enable the entire organization to be user centered
  4. Over 18 years of experience in various kinds of industry

    (consumer goods, consulting, semi conductor, networking…)
  5. Having the common vision, mission, goals, aspirations…(and the usual jargon)

  6. Designers (industrial, Interaction, Visual, Service…), Researchers, Prototyping & Video experts

  7. The recruitment journey

  8. The “Design School” card

  9. “Worked on” many things

  10. One trick pony

  11. Willingness to unlearn and learn

  12. Integrity and honesty

  13. Cheap and best

  14. None
  15. None
  16. What is your differentiator? What value do you bring in?

  17. Articulation, story telling, presentation

  18. Bring your ”self”

  19. Six degrees of separation

  20. The journey is long….

  21. There are people out there who may not know everything,

    but are humble, willing to learn, experiment, fail, keep egos in check and ultimately succeed
  22. Are you one of them?

  23. None
  24. The moral(s) of the story

  25. Gut feeling matters a lot

  26. Passion is paramount

  27. Communication is key

  28. None
  29. Pradeep Joseph Director – UX