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UXINDIA16- Design Intervention- How the industry evolved with it? ( Neha Modgil ) by uxindia

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October 21, 2016

UXINDIA16- Design Intervention- How the industry evolved with it? ( Neha Modgil ) by uxindia

Design is all-pervasive and omnipresent. We may ignore it but cannot live without it. The impact of design in the Indian Diaspora has just started showing up. Industry has become more sensitive towards their consumers. The good news is that UX as an industry has not only evolved but has created tremendous job opportunities for people who wish to make designs delightful. Earlier jobs were only concentrated to left sided people but design is bringing more opportunities to the right sided ones. On the contrary to what the situations were before, designers these days have started moving upwards; it has evolved from mere colours and graphics to delivering emotions to the users. In this industry, Chief Design Strategists/Design Heads are holding more value and people have begun looking upon them.

Design dictates innovation! It is not only technology that brings innovation into the market, but design has the upper hand now.

In general, we as Indians have become more sensitive towards our users, their needs and emotions. That is solely because of the kind of exposure that we are introduced to. Our tastes have refined and each person has become a design critique due to tremendous exposure.



October 21, 2016


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  2. for Uxers, by UXer Neha Modgil, Chief UX Strategist, Techved

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  25. UX is not how the app is designed. Its how

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  27. Happy Uxing Neha Modgil Techved Consulting @nmodgil neham@techved.com