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How Smart are Smart Things?

UX Salon
May 27, 2018

How Smart are Smart Things?

A look to the era of ‘smart’ devices and how design can save the world. --- By Avi Itzkovitch

UX Salon

May 27, 2018

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  1. #uxsalon How Smart are Smart Things? @xgmedia

  2. Are smart devices really smart? 
 And how designers and

    business people can save the world Today's story
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  4. July 2014

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  9. Designing with Sensors

  10. One year later

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  20. The Smart Home Experience

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  23. Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart!

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  26. None
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  28. iKettle - World's first wifi kettle

  29. Smart?

  30. Is smart dumb?

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  33. Egg Minder – The Smart Egg Tray

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  35. None
  36. Samsung's T9000 Smart Refrigerator

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  41. Dacor unveiled yet another industry first —a 30” wall oven

    that utilizes a Wi-Fi connection via the integrated Discovery IQ™ Controller. The built-in Controller delivers stereo sound and impressive graphics for an exciting multi-media experience on its 7” LCD glass touch-screen panel.

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  47. Image Credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

  48. Image Credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

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  52. I just want to drink

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  55. BluFit - The Smart Water Bottle

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  57. This ain't cool *P5(PME3VTI

  58. Everything Old Is New Again *P5(PME3VTI

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  60. V.R. Goggles: 3-D trip inside a drawing, via computer graphics

    (Apr, 1971)
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  62. Flat Screen TV (Jan, 1958)

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  67. Electronic newsboy (Jun, 1970)

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  70. 1984 Casio AT-552 Janus Calculator Watch

  71. 1984 Casio AT-552 Janus Calculator Watch

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  73. Everything Old Is New Again *P5(PME3VTI

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  76. THERE ARE SOLUTIONS Never raise a problem if you don't

    have a resolution
  77. It's up to us

  78. It's up to us

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  82. A designer is responsible for the work they put into

    the world.
  83. The work you bring into the world is your legacy.

    It will outlive you. And it will speak for you. Mike Monteiro
  84. When you are hired to design something, you are hired

    for your expertise. Your job is not just to produce that work but to evaluate the impact of that work.
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  86. Saying no is a design skill. Asking why is a

    design skill.
  87. Useful, Usable, and Used Design fundamentals: The 3 U’s

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  89. Let's think about the added value Perceived value + Added

  90. Perceived Value

  91. Added Value

  92. Perceived value

  93. €1.00 Monthly bill service Washing machine included Free repairs Washing

    soap delivered Washing machine replacement every 10 years Added value
  94. Streetline - Get the most out of Parking Empowering cities

    to manage parking assets and provide the best parking experience for drivers and merchants
  95. Propeller – Better Manage Your Asthma

  96. Outcome added value

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  99. https://medium.com/@xgmedia

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  101. Ultimately, we as designers must always consider how this new

    technological era can benefit not only our users, but humanity as a whole– by reducing the ecological impact of mankind on the planet and helping people maintain healthier lifestyles. In this realm, we’re most likely to find added value in connected products. This, of course, will contribute to the success and longevity of our products.
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  103. Thank you
 Avi Itzkovitch
 www.UXSalon.com @xgmedia