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Accessibility - No rights without responsibility

Accessibility - No rights without responsibility

People with disabilities have a right to web accessibility. But what of their responsibility? Both developers and disabled web users must work together. Users have a responsibility to talk to developers, who have a responsibility to listen and implement. I will discuss specific ideas for both groups going forward and increasing accessibility.

Nic Steenhout

February 27, 2013

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  1. L’Internationale / Duties / Rights Equality wants other laws: No

    rights without duties, she says, Equally, no duties without rights. L'égalité veut d'autres lois Pas de droits sans devoirs dit-elle Égaux, pas de devoirs sans droits • Right to Information • Right to Access • Duty to Speak Up • Duty to Listen
  2. Lots of People With Disabilities Don’t Speak Up  Going

    to another site without giving feedback.  Swearing then moving on.  Moaning to friends but not talking to site owners.
  3. Must Speak Up  “Don’t vote, don’t complain.”  If

    you want change, act towards it.  Hard to “see” accessibility needs – not tracked by browsers.  Understandable for site owners to dismiss the need.
  4. Disabled != Accessibility Expert  PHP Programmer != C++/Perl/Java Expert

     Most people only have direct knowledge  Own disability vs all disabilities / barriers  Understand the guidelines
  5. A Frustrated Developer Says “I asked for help on twitter,

    but as usual when I ask for #a11y help, nobody answered. Honestly? Blind people suck that way. If someone building a ramp asks my opinion I will be overjoyed to go over there and test it. Blind people will not help test websites. Ever.”
  6. High Demand on People With Disabilities  PWD often asked

    to test  Give it away for free  Our only responsibility is to educate people about life with a disability  Cumulative time demands – “just 5 minutes” never is, multiplied by every demand.
  7. Is It Any Surprise, Really?  Visitors feel it’s pointless

    to bring up issues  Complaints / feedback gets nowhere  “Too expensive”
  8. Suggestions for Sites  Easy feedback paths  Listen to

    feedback – no lipservice  No promise without delivery  Eliminate barriers
  9. Suggestions for Visitors with disabilities  Prepare template emails 

    Take a minute to contact problem sites  Don’t just bitch